Legal Clinic: I long to meet my biological parents 


The truth is liberating but sometimes difficult to process. 

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What you need to know:

  • The law is silent on how, when, where and why an adopted individual should seek information about their origin or biological identity.
  • The quest to find your birth parents is personal and cannot be curtailed by anyone or law. Since you are no longer a child, Article 53 of the Constitution will not be the entry point of this journey, but Article 35.
  • You have a right to access information held by the state, another person, which may be required for the exercise or protection of any right or fundamental freedom.
  • The information you seek regarding adoption is held by the state and adoption agency. 

Hi Eric,
I am an adult man and recently learnt that the parents I have been calling mum and dad adopted me. They have been very good to me, I must say, but something in me yearns to get to know my birth parents. I do not want to hurt my adoptive parents. Is there anything I can do legally to begin the search for my parents and, if possible, compel them to see me even for a few minutes?


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