How to survive the World Cup month if your spouse follows football

Qatar World Cup Stadium

A display at Al-Shamal SC Stadium in Al Shamal, north of Doha on November 17, 2022, ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup football tournament.

Photo credit: Ina Fassbender | AFP

As billions of football fans eagerly anticipate the beginning of the World Cup season beginning Sunday, as it has happened for years, many women who are not football fans might have to battle for remotes, contend with delayed messages, deal with the trauma of assumed calls, and a lot of myriad of excuses from their men because of the World Cup.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will kick off in Qatar on November 20 and conclude on December 18.

It’s time we prepared for inevitable month—brace yourself for men to be ‘abducted by aliens’ and what remains of their conscious self to be glued to the television.

But it doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom. So, here’s what we can do with the free time:

Catch up with Friends

Round up all your girls for a night of some much needed Mr Big swooning and Jimmy Choo-lovin'. Some wine, pizza, literary any good food, and soon you’ll be transported to a world of fun.


There’s no point sitting around a guy lost in his television set. It's a one-way romance that's got no place for you. Instead, spend some time catching up on your beauty sleep. Besides, most of the matches could be broadcast in the wee hours.

Time to give your side hustle some attention

It won’t hurt to pay more attention to that business that you have on the side. It could pay off really well and give you more money to buy yourself something special; or maybe some extra coins to help you customise something special for him that is related to the World Cup. And just like that, boom, brownie points for you!

Rate the boys

Think of it as a pageant for men. From Maja Hitij Lips and smile, David Silva killer cheekbones to Neymar Jr's hair-do, FIFA's the perfect place for some man-candy spotting. If you're lucky, Ronaldo might even break the rules and take off his T-shirt again. Practice those whistles, cat-calls and hooting.

Mani-pedi night

Getting your nails done is really good therapy. Once you're finished with the basics, try out some nail art. You know you've wanted to try it out forever. Need some inspiration? How about his favourite team's flag? Definitely some points for you!

Shopping time

Being ignored can be quite traumatic, but then again it can always be a good excuse to indulge in some retail therapy. You can even put it on his tab—a lesson he'll never forget. 

Party central

Being the festive season, dress to kill and go catch up with your gang – you know, the ones you've been putting off forever…

Learn something new

Make YouTube, or any other learning platform, your best friend. Whether it's a home-improvement project or that little fashion DIY or some new skill you have been thinking about, use this free time from the men to get it started.

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