A letter from one common man to another - I see you

Common man

There are examples of men who have made tons of clean money.

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What you need to know:

  • Common Man, you have to change your attitude toward wealth and its acquisition.
  • Common Man, you also need to drop your drinking habit.

Dear Common Man, 

It’s me, your friend. This morning, I was going to the local supermarket when I saw you outside the wines and spirits joint. 

I overheard you and your boys drunkenly saying that one must steal to become rich in Kenya. To prove your point, all of you gave examples of prominent politicians who have amassed vast amounts of wealth by looting public coffers. 

I wanted to turn around and speak some sense into you. I wanted to scream, like Apostle Paul: “Who bewitched you, you foolish Galatians?”

But I knew that, in your intoxicated condition, attempting to speak sense to you would be akin to bargaining with the sewer rats that have infested our neighbourhood. 

Common Man, I want to let you know that, with that kind of mindset, you’re setting yourself up for, at best, an average life. 

Common Man, this Common Man also once held that same erroneous belief. He also believed that lie that prefaces Mario Puzo's mafia family novel, The Godfather. This lie states that behind every great fortune there lies a crime. 

This Common Man believed this untruth until God’s Word disabused him of that stinking thinking. See, Common Man, sometimes life hits us hard and forces us to jump to conclusions based on life's experiences. 

Here's the tragic consequence of this conclusion, Common Man; with your words, you've condemned yourself. With your words, you’ve welded a cast iron ceiling above your head. No matter how much or hard you pray, your prayers will hit the cast iron ceiling and fall at your feet. And with that cast iron ceiling, an open heaven won't profit or prosper you. To change your destiny, you must first change your dialogue. 

Common Man, another consequence of this mindset is that you’ve already put a nominal price on your head. Now, the same politicians, whom you've put on a pedestal as your household god, will buy you for a pint of booze. 

Common Man, you have to change your attitude toward wealth and its acquisition. Someone sagely remarked that mentality is like a car with a flat tyre; you are not going anywhere till you change it. 

Speaking of changing, Common Man, you also need to drop some habits. With such a drinking habit, the furthest you can go in life is the urinal. Wealth is grown - not by being a DDD - but by discipline, diligence, and determination to pursue one's dream. (DDD stands for daily drinking dimwit). 

Common Man, I’ve heard some young people quip: “What was my dad doing when other men were grabbing land?” Only in a twisted society, where wealth is amassed at any cost without consequences - and the end justifies the means - can such a saying be used without a second thought. 

Look, Common Man, our parents did the best they could with the opportunities life offered them. They’ve bequeathed us something no money in the world can buy; a righteous foundation. A foundation you can go to before God and, as you create wealth for your offspring, ask God to bless you on account of your father’s good deeds.

Common Man, that righteous foundation - just as evil deeds are punished - so too are good deeds rewarded bountifully. In the heavens, a Godly name is seed capital. 

Common Man, there are examples of men who have made tons of clean money. I see them daily all over the neighbourhood. In fact, Common Man, you know one such Common Man who is so wealthy, even the wealthiest politicians fear him. 

Common Man, I’ll reintroduce him to you when you’re sober. You don’t need an appointment. When you’re sober, look at him in the mirror. 


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