For men who have considered suicide


Before you commit suicide, picture the brighter days.

Photo credit: Samuel Muigai | Nation Media Group

Beloved, before you commit suicide, picture this; brighter days. Brighter days don't arise from the east in the sky but from our spirit when our life is plunging south, which makes brighter days an inside job.

Before you commit suicide, picture this; victory. You can do this. Keep fighting. Don't throw in the towel. You're one battle closer to success. Don't let lethargy get the best of you. Let loose your punches, and let God play God.

Before you commit suicide, picture this; turnaround. You can turn around your life, although it seems like it has spiralled out of control. But the turnaround starts in your mind. Your mind is your steering wheel. If you can get your mind right - with, if necessary, help from empathy - you can triumph even over Martianesque terrain.

Before you commit suicide, picture this; testimony loading. That's right. This test you're undergoing is birthing a testimony, which will help other souls. Heaven's watching and counting on you because they know you're wired to ace this quiz.

Before you commit suicide, picture this; goodness. Don't condemn yourself. Though folks may not say it, please know that you're loved more than you'll ever know. Beloved, may goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life.

Before you commit suicide, picture this; destiny. You're not a cosmic fluke. There's a reason God put you on this patch of earth at this moment in time. God didn't just breathe life into your lungs; He also uploaded possibilities and potential into your hard drive, which you're supposed to download and fully exploit for your benefit and betterment of humanity.


Before you commit suicide, picture this; grace and not that thorn in your flesh. Besides, you're not a thorn on anyone's side. Let grace abound. Let grace walk you through this dark tunnel and into new roaring realities, teeming with life, light and laughter.

Before you commit suicide, picture this; dreams. Remember those wild dreams you always had? Those dreams can still become a reality, despite your age or the time and resources you've supposedly lost. Beloved, you've not been on a losing spree; but a learning curve.

Before you commit suicide, picture this; you're a champion. You were laid off. Lost that gig and lost your life's savings. Took multiple Ls. But the fact that - despite all odds - you're still here means that you've won. In the game of life, being a champion isn't about winning a belt or trophy, but about winning that mother of all battles - the internal struggle, sometimes against the Immortal - which all mortals fight. Do you doubt me? Ask Israel, who was formerly known as Jacob.

Before you commit suicide, picture this; rain. Rain of more beautiful love and lovers. Rain of sweeter honeys and kisses. Suppose love stays, well and good. If it doesn't? It only means one thing; there's something better at the end of the rainbow.


And, yes, a rainbow comes after it has rained. I love that lyric from Faith Evans' song, "Again": "If I had to do it all again, I wouldn't take away the rain 'coz it made me who I am." Flip the script. Don't mourn: "When did the rain start beating me?" Instead, smile: "When did the rain start blessing me?"

Before you commit suicide, picture this; companionship. Beloved, you're not alone. We're social animals. We weren't created to do life alone. Holler at other sojourners.

Before you commit suicide, picture these; restoration, redemption, rest. Friends and family may have ghosted you, but there's the Holy Ghost. He's the best Counsellor. Ever. He's Light. Once you have a rapport with Him, outside voices won't beguile you. He's Truth. The truth that, once you've known, will set you free from the rabid lies of the Enemy.


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