Cousins’ last photo moments before they died in accident on Christmas eve

Daisy Binyanya and Clinton Obwocha

Daisy Binyanya and Clinton Obwocha just before they died in an accident on December 24.

Photo credit: Pool

When Clinton Maosa Obwocha, 25, and his cousin Daisy Barongo Binyanya, 24, left Nairobi on Christmas eve, they believed they would arrive in their rural homes in Nyamira County safe and sound.

But it was not to be --they died in a freak accident moments after taking what would be their last photos alive. 

The duo, in the company of three others, had earlier informed their parents that they would be arriving home later in the day.

Mr Obwocha was a teacher having graduated from Kisii University in 2018 while Ms Binyanya graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from the Technical University of Kenya a week before the trip.

Before they set off, Ms Binyanya called her father at 6am and informed him that she was on her way.

Her distraught father Samuel Binyanya recalled their last conversation before she hitched a ride in her cousin’s ill-fated car.

Traffic accident

A traffic police officer inspects the wreckage of the vehicle after the fatal accident.

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“I asked her whether she had enough money for lunch and she said she did not. I then sent her Sh1,000 and that was the last conversation I had with my daughter,” Mr Binyanya told Nairobi News by phone.

He also said he asked his daughter whether she was sure her cousin would keep his word on the lift offer and she assured him that indeed he would as he had already reached out to her asking her to be ready.

A meal for their daughter

He said that he then asked his wife to prepare a meal for their daughter.

So, Rose Kwamboka Binyanya, Daisy’s mother, spent the better part of that day in the kitchen preparing meals for her firstborn daughter who the parents described as honest and hardworking.

The last time Daisy was home a week earlier, she was dressed in a gown and was all jovial as she celebrated her graduation.

“My daughter was very smart in class. She always performed well and this tragedy happened at a time when she was almost about to enjoy the fruits of her hard work,” narrated Ms Kwamboka.

According to the parents, the fresh graduate scored 382 marks in her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams before she joined Kipsigis Girls.

In the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams, she scored a B+ and joined the Technical University in Nairobi.

Mr and Mrs Binyanya are yet to come to terms with the death of their firstborn daughter in whom they had invested a lot hoping to change the fortunes of their family in the future.

“Sadly, she will now be returned here while in a coffin, yet the last time she was here she was dressed in a gown. I even don’t know what to say for now,” Mr Binyanya said.

At the other home, Ms Rodah Nyaboga Moraa, Mr Obwocha’s mother had also started preparing a Christmas eve meal for her son ahead of the festive reunion.

Celebrate Christmas Day

His father Mr Benard Obwocha was equally eager and hoped his son would arrive well so they celebrate Christmas Day and New Year together.

“I was preparing a meal for my son. I sat outside anxiously waiting for him to arrive from Nairobi where he works. I was very happy when he informed me he was coming home,” Ms Moraa told Nairobi News.

Daisy Binyanya and Clinton Obwocha

Daisy Binyanya and Clinton Obwocha.

Photo credit: Pool

She said her son kept her abreast of his location and all seemed well.

That was until she received a call from her firstborn son Kevin Omote who informed her that all was not well.

After the accident, pictures of the scene circulated widely on social media.

Mr Omote told Nairobi News that he did not believe it when he first received news that his brother had been involved in a road accident.

“I received a call from a cousin and had to confirm from Daisy’s sister who also told me the same thing,” Mr Omote, the elder brother of Mr Obwocha, said.

On his Facebook page, Mr Omote mourned saying, “RIP Clinton, my only blood brother.”

Along the journey, the three cousins and their two friends made several stops to take photos. Moments later, tragedy struck.

But how did the accident happen?

According to police, the accident occurred in the Ratili area, along the Narok- Bomet road, some 172km from Nairobi.

Mercedes Benz Saloon

A police report filed at Ololunga police station indicates that the accident happened at 11:20am.

“The self-involved fatal road accident involved a motor vehicle of registration number KBN 444B make a Mercedes Benz Saloon (sic),” the report read in part.

The report added that the driver lost control of the vehicle and rolled several times before landing on the opposite side of the road.

The driver identified as Duke Juma, a cousin of the deceased and the owner of the car, Michael Makori, a friend, and Winnie Kerubo, also a friend, were injured.

Nairobi News has established that Mr Juma has since been discharged from the hospital.

The two bodies of the cousins were taken to Longisa County Referral Hospital and the ill-fated vehicle was towed to Ololunga Police Station ahead of their burial.