Celebs who went broke in 2022

From left: Director Tiger, comedian Consumator, music producer Magix Enga, singer Weezdom and actor Omosh.

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Despite many inspiring stories of celebrities who came from nothing working their way out of financial hardship, the opposite also happens.

The King of pop music Michael Jackson was reportedly at least $400 million in debt when he died unexpectedly in 2009. 

In 2015, American rapper 50 Cent was reportedly $32.5 million in debt while caught up in a lawsuit and unpaid child support payment. The following year he filed for bankruptcy.

Closer home, albeit similar scenarios have been witnessed amongst notable celebrities who at one point in time were doing better as far as their careers were concerned.

Then they disappeared from the public eye and when some re-emerged, they were appealing for crowdfunding and support to put back their lives together. Others played the victim.

Magix Enga

Known for his incredible beats, molded from his creativity and knowledge, the gifted controversial music producer has seen his promising career take a turn and grind to an unexpected halt this year.

Despite having produced a number of hit songs for close to a decade now, the producer who studied music production at Tapev Musical School is now a shadow of his former self.

Two months ago, the once flashy producer who also moonlights as a singer, confessed to battling depression and financial constraints.

He claimed his financial troubles had been occasioned by artists failing to pay for his services.

“I produced more than 10 songs for Otile Brown, which all did well, but he never paid me a single penny. Of all these songs, the only amount I received from him was Sh20,000. It was the collabo he did with Khaligraph Jones (Japo Kidogo song). For the rest of the songs, I received nothing. We were supposed to do split sheets, but he isn’t picking up my calls right now.” Magix claimed in October.

“There is no other big artist who has ever paid me a dime for producing their music besides the  Fena Gitu and Khaligraph Jones.”

Magix claimed he always offered his services on a gentleman’s agreement.

However, his major downfall has been his controversial publicity stunts including claiming to be Illuminati, which had many shun from working with him. Brands also avoided booking him for shows due to his bad-boy demeanor.

Director Tiger

The world had long forgotten about Nelson Ominde when he stole the headlines in November. The once famous video director otherwise known as Director Tiger, who did confess to making as much Sh700,000 to over a million bob, was now homeless when he re-emerged. Tiger had been kicked out of his home over rent arrears and had turned to the streets before dancehall singer KRG The Don came to his rescue following his plight.

Slightly over five years ago, the videographer who directed a number of gospel hits such as Mama by Kevin Bahati, Tenda Wema by Ringtone, Umenifany Ningáre by Christian Shusho, ‘Ndio Yako’ by Gloria Muliro among others, was cashing in lots of money from his craft.

In the viral video which was captured as he loitered the Nairobi streets, unkempt, with no shoes and appeared pale, Director Tiger pleaded with gospel artists he helped shape their career, to come to his aid.

“I am homeless because I could not raise the rent, my belongings were auctioned, and neither do I have a job. Mine is a plea to all the artists I have ever worked with to support me financially and help me regain my foot kindly. I still can shoot, and I am very ready when needed.” Tiger pleaded on the video.

But when exactly did the rain start to beat him?

“From 2010 to 2016, my career was at its peak, however, it became shaky sometime in 2016 when I began dating. I had been single while focusing on projects, but now I had to balance work and relationships. I wouldn’t want to point a finger, but I feel several artists were uncomfortable with me dating and still being on their projects and so they started to drift away.” Tiger claimed.

Omosh Kizangila, born Joseph Kinuthia, entertained Kenyans with his wittiness rising to fame via the Tahidi High TV Program. That’s the sole reason Kenyans came out in large numbers in 2021 to crowd-fund for him when he came out and confessed to being broke.

The same Kenyans who rescued him last year turned on him when he appeared on another viral video this year pleading for financial help again.

Omosh claimed to have lost everything.

“I have lost everything in my life, my wife and everything is gone.”

In 2021 when his miserable situation was brought forth, he was gifted a three-bedroomed house located in Malaa, by well-wishers and hundreds of shillings contributed to enable him to jump-start his life once again.

But sooner than later concerns were brought up that the actor who once revealed he was making as much as Sh150,000 on a weekend during his Tahidi High days, was struggling with alcoholism which had led to the mismanagement of more than a million shillings he received as donations from concerned Kenyans.


Former gospel singer and Kevin Bahati’s manager Lawrence Karanja popularly known as Weezdom has confessed to having had a rough 2022.

Among the issues he revealed he has been battling with are depression, alcohol abuse and financial problems.

From the beginning of the year to around July, Weezdom confessed to have been spending most of the time in and out of the hospital.

On his depression, he says it was a result of a blend of issues.

Since parting ways with Bahati when he wasn’t making as much money, Weezdom explored several avenues of making money but many are times when he wasn’t successful as he had hoped.

This, capped with the social media pressure where the public expects a celebrity to maintain a certain standard of lifestyle, he found himself falling into depression and to run away from that, he went back to drinking a habit he had quit.

“2022 has been a very difficult year for me trying to live my life and maintain a certain celebrity lifestyle. “I have been handling a lot this year. It got to a point I couldn’t afford to foot my bills. I could no longer provide upkeep for my (four) kids and baby mamas would never understand when you tell them you don’t have money. because when they check out your social media, they see you, with who’s and who’s of the town.” Weezdom confessed.


Previously on the Churchill Show, Comedian Peter ‘Consumator’ Wamwea had been missing in action since the live recording of the show came to an abrupt halt when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, disrupting everything.

Consumator was to make a grand return into the limelight in April shocking Kenyans when he asked them for help. He was broke.

Through his social media, Consumator appalled Kenyans when he revealed he was working as a caretaker and that things were not as good. The comedian opened up that he was struggling not only financially but also with the illness of his father.

“Guys I have no problem being a caretaker. I do it with happiness and a smile. I have no problems at all doing manual labour on farms. Anything that would help me raise whatever money for my  dad’s illness I will do it with stride and gratitude.” Consumator wrote.

In an interview, the comedian revealed his troubles began in 2019 when his father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

The funny man said he had exploited all his savings to take care of his old man confessing that at some point he was forced to sell all he owned.

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