Woman arrested after poisoning daughter in Kuresoi


The woman was arrested in Kuresoi, Nakuru County

Photo credit: File

Detectives in Olenguruone, Kuresoi South, are holding a 23-year-old woman suspected of poisoning her daughter on Sunday with the intention of killing her.

The woman was arrested earlier this week after her brother reported the matter to the police, claiming that she had given her four-year-old daughter poison.

Kuresoi South Police Commander Jeremiah Leariwala said they had received information that a woman in Bandiet village wanted to kill her daughter.

The woman’s brother reported the matter to the police after rushing the girl to a hospital, where doctors confirmed that she had been poisoned.

The police then arrested the woman and placed in custody.

Mr Leariwala said officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation had taken over the matter.

The suspect was presented in court and police were allowed to detain her for 10 more days as they investigate the case.

“We all have problems but the solution is not to kill the child, because she is innocent. She should have given her out to a children’s home instead of poisoning her. The law will take its course,” Mr Leariwala said.

The girl’s father, who was still in shock, said he received the news from his father that she had been poisoned by her own mother and was in a hospital.

The father of two said he separated from wife a few years ago, and he moved with the children to his parents’ home in Tenwek, Bomet County.

But three months ago, she visited them and requested to take the girl, saying they were to attend a burial and needed to introduce the child to her other relatives.

The father said he agreed, but a week later the woman cut communication and switched off her phone, only to be informed that his daughter had been poisoned.

“I really don’t know what got into her to the extent of poisoning her. She could have just called me to take my child if she was tired of staying with her. She even feared telling me and called my dad, who was even afraid of breaking the news to me,” he said.

The girl, a PP1 pupil, is recuperating at Olenguruone Sub-County Hospital.