Clean-up in Mukuru-Kayaba slum after cholera cases

Mukuru Kayaiba slum

A Landi Mawe administrator unclogs a drainage at Mukuru-Kayaba slum in Starehe County on March 13, 2023. Authorities confirmed three cholera cases in the Bundalang'i area of the slum.

Photo credit: Sammy Kimatu | Nation Media Group

Members of various groups of development projects, community-based organisations, and administrative officers in South B division, Nairobi County, collaborated in a clean-up at Mukuru-Kayaba slum in Starehe sub-county over the weekend.

Speaking to Nation.Africa, the community health spokesperson in Landi Mawe ward, Ms Jane Mbula, said the main objective of the event was to clean up in order to counter the alarming cholera cases reported in Mukuru.

Health officials on Monday confirmed a 32-year-old man in Bundalang'i area of Mukuru-Kayaba slum, a woman, and her daughter had contracted cholera.

According to authorities, last week, one person died of the disease at Mukuru-Maasai slum in South B division.

Owing to the danger faced by residents of Mukuru, local administration officials teamed with the health department officials to spray the entire area in a bid to curb the spread of the disease.

According to Ms Mbula, the victim had vomiting and diarrhoea, and complained of severe stomach pain.

Residents have been instructed to observe high standards of hygiene while food and fruit vendors were urged to maintain cleanliness.

“After five cases of cholera were reported in Mukuru-Maasai slum where one person was confirmed dead and four hospitalized, and another case reported in Mukuru-Kaiyaba street today, we have no choice but to clean up and mobilize the residents," said Ms Mbula.

During the function, more than 150 participants unclogged drainage in areas neighbouring Sancta Maria-Mukuru Primary School among other parts of the slum.

Ms Mbula added that after finishing the cleaning, the participants, instead of going home, planted trees at Mukuru Primary School grounds.

South B acting County Commissioner Samuel Kimeu Ndambuki encouraged residents in Mukuru to embrace health protocols to control cholera.

“People must boil water, wash their hands using soap and running water every time before and after eating food and using toilets as well as maintaining high standards of health," said Mr Kimeu.

The man was taken to the hospital and doctors confirmed that he had cholera.