Police say Gladys Chania is a prime suspect in the murder of her husband George Mwangi.
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Gladys Chania: The murder plot, a failed political career and debt burden even in prison

The home of Gladys Chania (inset left) and her late husband, businessman George Mwangi (inset left). She is charged with murder in Mwangi's death.

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What you need to know:

  • John Mwangi, a former farmhand of the deceased, has been cleared of the murder and is now a state witness in the trial.
  • Ms Chania is standing trial at the Kiambu Law Courts for the murder of her husband George Mwangi in October 2022.
  • Lucy Muthoni, the late Mwangi's mistress, took the witness stand and narrated how Ms Chania planted spies to track her movements and once attacked her in public.