One dead, dozens sick after eating contaminated meat in Embu


The disease, first reported in a village in Megun location, is spreading quickly and the entire ward is now under surveillance

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One person died while dozens of others were rushed to hospital after consuming meat from a cow suspected to be infected with anthrax at Gatumbi village in Embu County.

Mzee Patrick Ndwiga Njagi, 73, died as he was undergoing treatment at the Embu Referral Hospital.

According to witnesses, a man from the village slaughtered his sickly cow on March 13 and sold the meat cheaply to the unsuspecting villagers.

Scientists are experimenting and research with molecule model.

Kenya has taken steps to guard against a possible bioterror attack in collaboration with the United States including securing deadly germs such as anthrax, Rift Valley Fever and Ebola.

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After three days, the villagers started vomiting and visited Runyenjes Level Four Hospital for treatment.

However, Mr Njagi was transferred to Embu Referral Hospital where he succumbed to the sickness on Sunday as doctors attended to him.

It is believed that at least 1,000 villagers consumed the meat.

Embu Public Health Chief Officer Dan Mbongo confirmed that one person lost his life after the feast.

"It is true one person died but the rest were treated and discharged," he said.

Mr Mbongo said he was on the ground together with his colleagues looking for other people who had consumed the meat but never sought treatment.

"The anticipated number of all those who may have consumed the meat is estimated at 1,000 since 200 households bought the contaminated meat," he said.

Also, three dogs and two cats which consumed the meat have been affected and are on veterinary surveillance.

Mr Mbongo said public health officials will continue investigating the matter until the situation is contained.

He advised the residents to stop eating uninspected meat of animals slaughtered at home.

Mr Mbongo said an animal health assistant who posed as a meat inspector could be arrested and prosecuted.

The Chief Officer said public health officers were at the village creating awareness among the villagers.