Race to build the ultimate pick-up intensifies: Which one’s the most suitable now?

Photo credit: Shutterstock | Nation Media Group

By Evans Ongwae

The race to build the most powerful, luxurious, spacious, comfortable and beautiful pick-up truck goes on, with manufacturers seeking to outdo their peers. Some motorists have little care for beauty on the outside, preferring to drive a pick-up whose biggest appeal is performance.

Every few years, a popular pick-up model gets refreshed to include some new features. This can also involve enhancing existing ones to improve the driving experience or load capacity.

In a nutshell, motor manufacturers strive to deliver a great pick-up without sacrificing any of the features motorists have been used to.

Plenty of effort and innovation has also gone into enhancing the safety of drivers and passengers.

Overall, the latest generation of pick-ups boasts powerful performance yet aesthetically appealing vehicles. The beneficiary is the motorist – whether an entrepreneur out to ferry cargo for money, or a person who wants to have the best of two worlds: off-road capacity and the towing ability to transport light or heavy loads.

Smart technology is at the heart of this evolution.

Pick-ups differ greatly in many ways: Size, performance, comfort, price, fuel economy, safety, and reliability. On size, it is notable that there are varying bed sizes that buyers can compare and settle on what best suits their needs.

Depending on lifestyle, preference, need and budget, motorists have a wide range of options to choose from these days, compared to a few years back when a very limited range of car brands had pick-up models.

Buyers can choose single or double cabs, depending on the number of passengers they desire to carry at a go. They can also decide whether they want a 4x2 or a 4x4 option, based on where they expect the vehicle to go.

Over the years, the popularity of pick-ups has grown. In some countries, pick-ups are the best-selling vehicle class. This has seen manufacturers increase the variety of models.

Buyers can go for a basic workhorse, such as those common in the rural parts of the country. They can also choose sturdy off-road models. Or, they can opt for a luxurious double cab that can carry several passengers – for personal transportation.

The expansion of links between all major and minor roads have created great demand for durable commercial vehicles and equipment. The transportation of raw materials and finished goods demands durable engines, tough bodies, and sturdy tyres, among other features.

Sectors such as agriculture and forestry, wholesale and retail trade, transport and communication, as well as manufacturing, are heavily supported by pick-ups and midsize trucks that transport goods.

And all these are available as brand-new pick-ups. To some people, their love-affair with pick-ups will see them replace their old vehicles with the latest versions. 

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