1. Pass to greater prosperity: Advancing financial security and well-being across Africa through digital inclusion

    Farm Pass is a digital platform that Mastercard launched in 2015, bringing together various agri-sector stakeholders in one agricultural marketplace

  2. Airtel Kenya expands its financial services touchpoints, maintains ‘most affordable’ tag

    The telco continues to introduce new and exciting products and services, and is currently running a campaign dubbed “Chaguo Smarta”

  3. Kenya should critically assess the foregone revenues in tax incentives

    Despite the importance of tax expenditure reports, many African countries still lag behind in publishing them

  4. New IFC podcast promotes women in Africa’s renewable energy sector

    With renewable energy forecast to play a growing role in Africa's energy future, IFC has launched a new podcast series to promote the role of women in the sector

  5. EMTECH to pilot a US CBDC in The Digital Dollar Project Sandbox Programme

    The firm is bringing its API-First, energy-efficient and DLT-based Central Bank Digital Currency platform to safely test new possibilities in cross-border payments

  6. UN Women to Kenya: You did well in cushioning citizens against Covid-19 economic shocks, but…

    Agency offers vital recommendations for engendering government measures in response to crises

  7. Digital payments ignite a new era of hope for SMEs in Kenya

    At Mastercard, we’re leveraging our technology, innovation, and solutions beyond payments to help small and medium enterprises get paid, get capital and get digital

  8. How Online Casinos Impact Kenya's Economy

    Do you enjoy online gambling? If you are interested in finding out how it impacts the Kenyan economy, we bring the answers

  9. EMTECH introduces the GREEN CBDC Framework

    Impact, trust, energy usage, innovation, open infrastructure and ecosystem should contextualise risk management and financial stability

  10. Quick leap to popularity: The story of GIL brands and products after five years

    Grain Industries Limited has risen to become one of the leading millers in Kenya today

  11. A step forward towards universal access to modern cooking solutions in Kenya

    In July this year, the Ministry of Energy, with the support of development partners, launched a behaviour change communication strategy for promoting clean cooking

  12. Global Human Development Report 2021/2022: Uncertain Times, Unsettled Lives; Shaping our Future in a Transforming World

    The latest HDI argues that an unprecedented array of crises, chiefly among them Covid-19, has set human progress back and fuelled a global wave of uncertainty. But this can be reversed.

  13. How a cost-effective, tree-based initiative is helping communities in Kenya to defeat droughts

    Affected rural households are increasingly becoming resilient to climate-change-induced risks

  14. Why Equity is celebrating PCEA Kikuyu Hospital for achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification

    The bank understands that healthcare facilities operate in a unique environment, and has tailored some banking solutions to meet the needs of the health ecosystem

  15. Bank of Ghana goes live on EMTECH’s regulatory platform

    The ground-breaking partnership is a first of its kind, and aims to drive faster digital innovation and stronger risk monitoring for regulators and fintechs, but with user-friendly interfaces.

  16. Why you should start saving for your pension this very moment, however little you can manage

    ​​​​​​​Surveys show that pension coverage in Kenya stands at only 21 percent of the total labour force

  17. How Diageo’s DRINKiQ online tool is saving lives

    The mobile-friendly online tool is the first of its kind within the alcohol industry

  18. Kenya School of Law sets ambitious targets in new strategic plan

    The school is responsible for the provision of professional legal training as an agent of the Government

  19. Report points African nations and investors to windows of opportunity in the global economic crisis

    The recent analysis paints possible scenarios that current global events are likely to lead to

  20. 50 winners every Monday on Betsafe’s 40 for 40 Jackpot

    The promotion has so far seen 150 players win Ksh5,000 each

  21. Keet, a step towards freedom of communication

    ​​​​​​​Today, users of most communication apps have simply become data that companies sell

  22. Why other East Africans should celebrate the Nairobi Expressway

    This 27km road starts from the bustling Mlolongo town, and meanders through the heart of Nairobi’s central business district on its way to Limuru town on the outskirts of the capital city.

  23. Exclusive Networks Africa continues to expand across the continent

    The company, a subsidiary of a trusted global cybersecurity entity, has now opened a formal office in Lagos, among other expansion moves

  24. FedEx Express intensifies support to businesses in East and Central Africa with launch of regular flights to Kenya

    ​​​​​​​The world’s largest express transportation company is enhancing its services to and from Africa

  25. Highways, bypasses, and more roads: The massive implications of opening up Kenya’s capital city

    Experts suggest that road and rail corridors should be managed collaboratively across Africa, to ease transport and trade services among the continent's 15 landlocked countries


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