1. Navigating economic downturns through sound financial management

    Data shows that the cost of basic commodities in Kenya has risen in recent months, while incomes have not increased by the same magnitude

  2. Is financial literacy essential for nurturing the next generation of Kenyans?

    Multi-asset brokers not only offer access to a diverse range of assets, but also provide the educational resources necessary to navigate complex financial markets

  3. The rising popularity of ETFs in Kenya: Exploring investment opportunities

    Exchange-traded funds are creating opportunities in that ordinary people as well as large organisations may take advantage of

  4. Harnessing cryptocurrency to widen financial inclusion in Africa

    This technological advancement is narrowing the gap between the banked and the unbanked

  5. The relationship between inflation and gold trading

    In the realm of financial markets, the interplay between inflation and gold trading has long been a topic of interest for investors

  6. Access Bank teams up with Mastercard to expand opportunities for cross-border payments in Africa

    The ground-breaking collaboration represents a significant milestone in creating a more inclusive financial ecosystem in the continent

  7. Inside Safaricom’s forums for small traders and how you can attend one this Thursday

    As a purpose-led technology company, Safaricom uses technology to empower Kenyans through its network, products, and services

  8. LemFi gets extra approval from CBK for remittances to Kenya in partnership with Flex Money Transfer

    The development demonstrates RightCard’s commitment to providing secure and efficient services by collaborating with trusted local partners

  9. Why trading with a licensed broker in Kenya matters

    Kenyan authorities take the notion of unlicensed brokerages quite seriously

  10. Mastering Binary Options: A comprehensive guide to strategies, courses, and trading success

    Binary Options trading is a financial instrument that traders use to make predictions about the price movements of assets over a fixed period

  11. How to simplify back-to-school planning

    Financial institutions are creating low-cost credit card options for lending school fees to parents

  12. From being sponsored children to speakers at UN event

    Kenya Good Neighbors hosted 'Youth Voices for the Future' event at the 69th UN Civil Society Conference

  13. Professionals initiate drive to foster development in Nyanza region

    Welcome to the inaugural Nyanza International Investment Conference, a new signature annual event to promote economic growth and development in the Nyanza region of Kenya

  14. Beautiful beasts: How automakers are using technology to build stronger and classier trucks

    Technology is driving commercial trucks to new levels of performance and comfort

  15. We should not waste the opportunity to save smokers’ lives

    Proposed graphic health warnings on nicotine pouches and vapes do not reflect the scientific evidence that supports the use of these safer products

  16. Xi Jinping, ‘a sincere friend of Serbia’

    As Chinese President pays his second state visit to the European country in the coming days, expectations are high that their ironclad friendship will be further enriched

  17. Critical policy issues Africa should address to unlock agricultural potential

    Calls for targeted fertilizer and soil health strategies should be heeded

  18. Now you can take marine safety course at RTI

    The training makes graduates competitive in the marine industry job market

  19. Huawei launches improved networking solutions to support Kenya’s growing digital economy

    ​​​​​​​The solutions target state agencies, corporate organisations, and SMEs alike

  20. Truck that equips youths in remote areas with vital digital skills

    ​​​​​​​An evaluation has established that the concept is boosting incomes, employment, and entrepreneurship

  21. Cryptocurrencies’ contribution to disaster relief efforts

    The impact of digital currency extends far beyond financial markets to address global challenges like disasters

  22. The psychology of HODLing: Understanding cryptocurrency trading behaviour‍

    Trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is a complex phenomenon driven by myriad factors

  23. Why the pursuit of SDGs would yield better outcomes with stronger IP systems

    The theme for the 2024 World Intellectual Property (IP) Day – “IP and the SDGs: Building our common future with innovation and creativity” – shines a light on the undeniable fact that innovation...

  24. The making of fit-for-purpose industrial space for apparel manufacturing in Kenya

    ​​​​​​​For the past three years, Gatsby Africa’s Textiles & Apparel programme has been working with developers and manufacturers to explore solutions to East Africa’s lack of built space

  25. Access Bank Group: How this global bank with African roots has made its way to the top

    The story of Access Bank's growth dates back to the early 2000s when two young men in their thirties embarked on a journey to make an impact in Africa's financial services sector