Planned Parenthood Global launches IDEA Initiative to promote sexual and reproductive health in Africa

The top 20 finalists of Cohort 1 of the IDEA Initiative Africa.

Photo credit: Planned Parenthood Global

Planned Parenthood Global, in partnership with Nailab Accelerator Limited, is piloting its IDEA Initiative in Africa to help foster innovation and new approaches to addressing sexual and reproductive health challenges in the continent.

The pilot programme, scheduled to run for 12 months, brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, including individuals, dynamic organisations and companies, to invest in disruptive ideas and support the creation of new ventures with social impact, fuelled by the power of technology and communication.

One of the key goals of the programme is to empower young people in Africa, particularly women, to make their own decisions about their bodies, lives, and future. To achieve this, the IDEA Initiative Africa is seeking out innovators, entrepreneurs, media personalities, artists, and other creatives, to come up with advocacy ideas that can help tackle the challenges facing sexual and reproductive health in the region.

Participants in the programme will have the opportunity to receive support for their ideas, including funding for their projects, and mentorship by experts in the field. The IDEA Initiative Africa will also provide a platform for showcasing and promoting the work of those involved in the programme.

Cohort 1 of the IDEA Initiative

The first cohort of the IDEA Initiative Africa successfully came to a close on November 25, 2022, during which the top three innovations from the cohort were announced. They are Art for Change, SRHR School for Journalism, and Beauty in Disability.Art for Change is an initiative that uses art as a tool for promoting sexual and reproductive health awareness and education. The SRHR School for Journalism is a programme that trains journalists on responsible and accurate reporting of sexual and reproductive health issues. Beauty in Disability is a platform that seeks to challenge societal myths and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in their sexual and reproductive health rights.

 The top three finalists of Cohort 1 of the IDEA Initiative Africa.

Photo credit: Planned Parenthood Global

These three innovations were selected from a pool of over 70 entries. They will now go through an incubation programme run by Nailab to refine their ideas in readiness for implementation. The incubation programme will provide support in the form of mentorship, training, and access to resources.

By bringing together a wide range of individuals and organisations, the IDEA Initiative aims to create a network of people working towards a common goal of improving sexual and reproductive health in Africa. Through the use of technology and communications, the programme hopes to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and ideas, and support the development of new ventures with social impact.

Apply for the second cohort of the IDEA Initiative via this link: