UDA, Jubilee: A case of same script, different cast

Cleophas Malala

UDA Secretary-General Cleophas Malala addresses journalists yesterday at Hustler Plaza in Nairobi. 

Photo credit: Evans Habil | Nation Media Group

Political mistake • New UDA Secretary-General Cleophas Malala’s vow to build the strongest party in East and Central Africa “amounts to expecting different results from the same political mistake”, says Taabu Tele. “The former ruling party, Jubilee, was marketed as Kenya’s version of South Africa’s ANC, despite its lack of ideology and toxic mix of parties led by tribal kingpins.” His contact is [email protected].


Peace • President William Ruto doesn’t seem keen on learning from history, says Colin Othimbo. “Having been elected in a hotly disputed election, he should now seek peace with rival Raila Odinga and shun confrontation. What different script can he use to subdue Raila that was not tried by ex-Presidents Daniel arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta?” His contact is [email protected].


Wage bill • Taxpayers’ money should be used to improve the welfare of Kenyans, says Geoffrey Sendeu. Appalled at the wasteful spending on politicians’ salaries and allowances, Geoffrey is calling for stringent tax measures. “The government can slash the expenditure and even find a way to reduce the over-representation to bring down the huge public wage bill.” His contact is [email protected].


Rowdy crew • Most of the matatus plying residential estate routes in Nairobi “are too noisy and rowdy”, says Elistone Mngola. Thieves, he claims, also ride in matatus in the Lavington area. He’s also appealing to the city county to crack down on rogue boda boda. The county, he pleads, should also provide litter bins at Amboseli Gardens and tarmac the road. His contact is [email protected].


Environment • The world is today full of self-centred people, laments Jean Karari, adding: “It’s all about me, myself, and I. No one cares about their neighbour. If we claim to love our children, what natural inheritance are we leaving behind for them? If we love our children, then let’s make their tomorrow much better by caring for our shared home, which is the environment.” Her contact is [email protected].

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