State must cut spending to solve economic problems

CAbinet meeting

President William Ruto chairs a Cabinet Meeting at Sagana State Lodge on August 8,2023.

Photo credit: PCS

Woes • The government should reduce its expenditure as part of the solution to the mounting national economic woes, says W. Kimariech. “It should also sack the hundreds of pampered advisers, slash foreign trips with huge delegations, and stop the top honchos hobnobbing in helicopters and fuel guzzlers. At inception you claimed to be in a hole but you continue digging.” His contact is [email protected].


Poverty • With the rising cost of living and high unemployment, the government has failed low-income families and youth living in abject poverty, says Raphael Obonyo. This, he laments, has been worsened by increasing fuel prices and taxes. “Those in government don't understand the damage they are causing. They should champion useful policies and programmes.” His contact is [email protected].


Indecency • Nairobi resident Carol Rotich is unhappy about an advertisement on a billboard that she has seen at the gate of the popular Village Market shopping mall. It’s the advert portraying some three women in revealing lingerie. Says she: “I find this a bit too indecent to display for all to see. I hope it will be urgently reviewed by the management and removed.” Her contact is [email protected].


Disaster • There is disaster waiting to happen at three big gaping potholes at the Nyando Bridge on the Muhoroni-Kipsitet highway, warns Damson Opiyo Onger. “God forbid, if a speeding motorist unfamiliar with the highway, especially at night, smashes into them! The car could plunge 20 metres down into the rocky riverbed as the guard rails have been vandalised.” His contact is [email protected].


Joker • Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria “must be a real comedian, not someone who should be taken seriously”, says Fredrick Imani. “Why is he is telling Kenyans to go and see that cooking oil prices at Ruiru in Kiambu County are low? Why only there? Does this mean that the people at Ruiru are being favoured in official pricing? He should tell Kenyans the truth.” His contact is [email protected].

Have a serious day, won’t you!