State has failed to regulate fuel prices

Epra fuel prices review

For petrol, the price went up by Sh17, Diesel by Sh21, and kerosene by a whopping Sh33.

Photo credit: Nation Media Group

Fuel • The government has totally failed to regulate fuel prices through the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra), says Joseph Macharia. “This confirms that the price increases are beyond the agency’s control. Let the government ensure the quality and encourage competition among the suppliers, which will be beneficial to the consumers.” His contact is [email protected].


Environment • The war against environmental degradation and climate change can only be won through collective responsibility and not by a single ministry or individuals, says F, Mukembu. “We should start or revive environment clubs in primary and secondary schools, tertiary colleges and universities. Members should plant trees and distribute seedlings to the public.” His contact is [email protected].


KU Hospital • Though full of respect for former Vice-Chancellor Olive Mugenda for her role in starting it, Njeeri Njuguna says the Kenyatta University Research and Referral Hospital would by now have been a game changer in chemotherapy had a vital facility, the cyber-knife, been installed. “Unfortunately, the facility has not been used since its grand launch in March?” Her contact is [email protected].


Sakaja • Instead of tracking down and penalising the people and organisations clogging the drains with garbage, Diana D’Souza says, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has authorised the employment of 3,500 cleaners. ”Really? How senseless and thoughtless about the already heavily taxed residents! I’ve since 2014 been trying to get the city county to do this.” Her contact is [email protected].


Mathare • When he was growing up, Joe Ngige Mungai recalls, there was a big stigma over the Mathare Mental Hospital in Nairobi. He adds: “I now regret how we used to see it as a hospital only for others and not ourselves. Today, it knows no social class, no race, no religion, and no tribe. You and I could find ourselves there. Could a change of name help to end stigma?” His contact is [email protected].

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