Privatise loss-making Kenya Power

Kenya Power offices

Kenya Power offices on Aga Khan Walk in Nairobi.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

‘Lake Square’ • China Square, the besieged business located at Kenyatta University’s Unicity Mall, should consider relocating to the lakeside city of Kisumu, says Benjamin Kobare. “The Lake Basin Mall will be an ideal place to do business. They will have markets in the Lake Region and North Rift economic blocs as well as Uganda, Congo, Burundi and South Sudan.” His contact is [email protected].


Monopoly • Kenya Power, which enjoys a near-monopoly status, made losses of Sh1.5 billion in the last six months of 2022, which Stephen Masambu, a student of economics, finds intriguing. “I was taught that a monopolist always has a ‘right of way’. Why not privatise it, like the telecoms sector? With Safaricom’s success, nobody is complaining.” His contact [email protected].


Narrow road • The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) deserves compliments for upgrading roads in Nairobi, says Usha Shah. However, Usha adds, she can’t see the logic behind building nice walkways on both sides of Thigiri Ridge road, which ended up shortening its width, only making it quite difficult for motorists in the city to drive comfortably on it. Her contact is [email protected].


Wastefulness • During the last short rains, Benjamin Kariuki recalls, Kirinyaga County started a tree planting campaign along its major roads, “which was a very noble idea. But they failed to use bowsers to water them and they have since dried up. Now, the county will have to spend more money on replanting the trees, a huge waste of resources.” His contact is [email protected].


Talent pool • A Kenyan girls high school winning the African volleyball trophy in Morocco on Tuesday was good news in difficult times, says Chris Kiriba. He’s thrilled by the feat by Kwathanze Girls High School, from Machakos County. “As a former teacher, I know there is a lot of sporting talent in schools, which should be tapped by the national and county governments.” His contact is [email protected].

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