Magoha became king, conquered and drained the swamp in our education system

Former Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha

Former Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha.

Photo credit: Sila Kiplagat | Nation Media Group

Servant leader • Mourning former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha, who died last week, Taabu Tele says: “He came, popped up unannounced in our schools, became king, conquered and drained the swamp in our education system. Fare thee well, Prof Magoha! You rolled up your sleeves, serving the people with all your passion, and left the country a better place.” His contact is [email protected]


Sacrosanct exams • National examinations are so sacrosanct that those who abet cheating should face the full force of the law, says Joe Ngige Mungai. “The culprits include security personnel, teachers and parents. Whenever exams are on, a school is more or less a security zone. But let’s not put too much pressure on students and teachers. We need to allow a natural curve.” His contact is [email protected]


Book fraud • Quite intimidating for James Kamau is the number of books his son is required to buy as he joins Standard Eight. They include Primary Mathematics 8, Mentor Mathematics 8, Mentor English 8, Mirror English 8, Kielekezi Kiswahili 8, Primary Science 8, Distinction Social Studies 8, Mentor Encyclopedia 8 and New Progressive English 8. “Who will expose this fraud?” His contact is [email protected]


Unused oil • After the country discovered good oil reserves in the northwest some time ago, university don X.N. Iraki wonders what went wrong. He poses: “Why can’t we exploit this oil to reduce the pump prices while improving our balance of payments? Oil is one of our biggest imports. Or did we decide to keep the oil underground with the advent of electric cars?” His contact is [email protected]


Child safety • Placing a child between the steering wheel and the parent as he or she drives is criminal recklessness, warns Mwangi wa Karuga. “Why expose a child to grave danger? It’s an offence to knowingly subject a child to such a high risk. It could act as an airbag in the event of an accident—God forbid! Let’s be responsible in caring for our children.” His contact is [email protected]

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