Government workers harassed tree nursery owners for seedlings

Tree Planting Kaptagat Forest
Tree planting Kaptagat Forest
Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Tree planting • Government workers are harassing tree nursery owners in Murang’a County, Rose Wambui reports.

“After toiling so hard and spending their money to build the nurseries, they are raided and seedlings snatched. It happened along the highways before the national tree planting day. They should be supported by buying the seedlings and not robbing them.”

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Holiday • The inaugural National Tree Planting Day marked on Monday was a lost opportunity, says Bernard Kariuki.

“It was a total waste of man-hours and another painful blow to the ailing economy, as the day was hurried. The government should have mobilised, especially youth, to set up tree nurseries and buy the seedlings. This need not be a public holiday.”

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Shilling • Alarmed about the latest free-fall of the Kenya shilling against the US dollar, Mombasa resident Ruth Sperber is worried about the increasing adverse consequences for the country.

Says she: “I have been wondering whether the country will really be able to attract investors. Having a stable currency is very important unless anyone can prove me wrong?”

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Fargo Heist • Quite baffling for Abiud Makokha is that instead of praising the DCI officers, who arrested the suspects in the Sh94 million Wells Fargo heist, many Kenyans have been bashing them for allegedly choosing to hide in Kenya and not travelling far away so that they could not be traced.

“This is how the people can encourage the culture of evil.”

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Tana River • The young expectant mother who recently swam across a swollen river in Tana River County to reach a hospital and “bring forth a life is a true heroine”, remarks Ruth Gituma.

According to Ruth, Sada Mahamud’s great feat shows that one’s inner strength and determination can really have a positive impact.

“Let’s all celebrate this heroine of a mother.” Her email address is [email protected].

Have a heroic day, won’t you!