Ruto tax: Don’t burden payslip holders

William Ruto

President William Ruto signing The Finance Bill to law at State House, Nairobi on Monday June 26. 

Photo credit: Courtesy | PCS

Payslip curse • The tax burden should not be solely borne by formal sector workers, says Kinuthia Kung’u. “Why burden only the payslip holders with tax increases when many other people don’t pay? The National Treasury and KRA mandarins should just ask gifted Kenyans to submit creative ideas on how to collect tax and reward those who will present the best three.” His contact is [email protected].


‘Shaka-horror’ • The decline in national attention to the shocking cult deaths in Shakahola Forest, in Kilifi County, has Ruth Gituma worried. She wonders what became of the digging of graves after almost 300 bodies were exhumed. Exhumations have resumed. “Have the bodies been released to the next of kin? Why is this shrouded in mystery?” Her contact is [email protected].


Visa delays • The Immigration Department’s online visa application system for travellers coming to Kenya is working quite well, says Bimal Shah. “Within 48 hours, they get their visas.” But he wishes Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua could seek an explanation from the embassies in Nairobi as to why it takes up to six months to get an appointment via Visa Handling Services. His contact is [email protected].


Corrupt MPs • The revelation by National Assembly Chief Whip Silvanus Osoro that the ruling Kenya Kwanza Alliance used dirty tricks, such as bribery, to get Azimio coalition MPs to vote for the unpopular Finance Bill 2023 is mind-boggling, says Robert Mukirae. “With characters like South Mugirango MP Osoro, Kenya Kwanza doesn’t need enemies. He and his ilk are enough.” His contact is [email protected].


Celeb mania • Craving for celebrity status on social media “comes at a price, especially having to do something weird”, notes Charles Katupa. “Almost everybody, with their strong desires, does unimaginable things to become a star. This trend is continuing. What some may think is the unthinkable is what somebody else will do to attain celebrity status.” His contact is [email protected].

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