CS Bore confirms vacating Sh120m Karen home after MP Muriu refunded deposit

CS Bore confirms vacating Sh120m Karen home

Labour Cabinet Secretary (CS) Florence Bore now claims Gatanga MP Edward Muriu reimbursed the deposit she had made for his Amara Ridge's house prompting her to vacate and move to a new house in a yet to be disclosed location.

Speaking on Thursday after accompanying Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua in announcing the release of Sh16.7billion Inua Jamii funds at the DPs Karen residence, CS Bore said that she vacated the house at night because she was busy working during the day.

"He reached out to me and gave me a refund of the 10 percent deposit and I moved out. There was a question on my moving out at night, because during the day I was working and actually  I worked till around 9pm, so when I came home I saw he had already released the deposit to my account and I searched for a house, within an hour I had a house, a new home. Very new so it was a blessing in disguise," she said.

The CS further insisted that contrary to Muriu's claim, there was a sale agreement for the house which she signed and delivered to him.

"I had signed on my part, maybe on his side, he hadn't and it was not something big. We should have discussed it, if he had gotten another buyer, I had no issue and I did not use any force and some of these things we finish amicably. It was a willing seller, willing buyer," she added.

"I am not homeless, I am happy, my children are happy and I wish him well,"she added.

The MP and his wife had accused the CS of moving to their property without their consent last week when they had traveled out of the country to attend their daughter’s graduation.

The MP's wife Mariah Muriu at the time said the house is registered under her and her husband “but we had placed it on the market.”

“It was two weeks ago when she came to my home and gave me an offer of sh90 million. I told her the least I could take was sh120 million and she left,” she added.

Upon her return to the country, Mrs Muriu said she sent people to undertake renovations at the house only for them to find it occupied.

Her contractor Peter Kariuki said the occupants called the police on him accusing him of trespassing when he went to do the renovations on instructions of his client. 

“There is no agreement signed whatsoever, there is no transaction that has taken place…this house belongs to me and my husband…so, why it is occupied by her right now by her shocks me,” she said.

The CS later released a statement accuings the Mp and his family of causing unnecessary drama by “attempting to unlawfully evict my children from the house while I was out of the country.”

“They were accompanied by armed goons necessitating the need for police presence in the premises. For a colleague in leadership to take advantage of my absence from the country to run a hate campaign instead of waiting to engage me upon return is not only queer but baffling,” she added.

The CS further claimed that the couple caused the drama to “unlawfully disassociate from the agreement ostensibly because they have found a better deal.”

“The transaction was a private agreement between a willing seller and a willing buyer, both parties duly represented by lawyers in total conformity with the law. The media pitch was therefore unwarranted and ancillary to the transaction,” she added.