Omollo wants more from Ethiopia as golf event kicks off

Johnson Omollo.

Johnson Omollo.

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What you need to know:

  • Omollo said AGC has taken the role to try and assist the five golf regions develop the game by staging several events.

In Addis Ababa

Africa Golf Confederation (AGC) president Johnson Omollo said the Ethiopia Golf Association has demonstrated once again their resolve to the sport in the region by hosting this year’s Africa Region 4 Golf Championship.

Speaking during the flag-raising ceremony officiated by Ethiopian Minister for Culture and Sports Kejela Merdassa on Tuesday evening at the Addis Ababa Golf Club, Omollo, said: “We shall work with them to ensure they realise their vision of development of more golf courses through public and private sector support in other federal states."

"We are also grateful to Ethiopia Airlines who have sponsored the tournament to a tune of $127,000 in accommodation at their 5-star Skylight Hotel and other support to Ethiopia Golf Association," said Omollo.

He said the confederation was extremely grateful for the involvement of the Ethiopian government through the Ministry of Defence Foundation who own the golf course. “This is a clear testament that for golf to grow their must be goodwill from government as well as the private sector."

Omollo said AGC has taken the role to try and assist the five golf regions develop the game by staging several events.

“We are committed to promote golf development in Africa, build technical capacity on Rules Turf management, and encourage affiliates to lobby public and private sector investment towards golf environment conservation."

He said Ethiopia’s bid to host the tournament was made in July 2022 and it was unopposed.

“We must love one another and appreciate each other if we are to develop not only as golf enthusiasts but as Africa. Sports tourism should be exploited fully."

"Improve competitiveness among amateur golfers in the region as they aspire to play golf at an elite level of their careers. Our wish is to see the government in Ethiopia invest more in sports tourism especially through golf courses development from the current two that are available."

Merdassa said sports should be used to promote friendship and offer the youth an opportunity for them to develop their talent.

“This is not just a competition but a celebration of friendship which Ethiopia is very well known for and I am honoured to have been invited to be part of this gathering," said the Minister.

Ethiopia Golf Association chairman Teshome Mosisa said hosting the event  was a momentous occasion for the country.

“It not only showcases our country’s commitment to promoting sports and fostering international camaraderie, but also reflects our desire to be a big golfing destination," said the Mosisa.

“Golf has been gaining popularity in Ethiopia in recent years. As the president, I am proud  to say that we have been working tirelessly to nurture and develop the sport in our nation."