Lesley Sercombe, Charles Kimani and Mim Haynes credited at Ngong

Patsy Serecombe

Comic Star ridden by Lesley Sercombe (left) leads the pack during the 2400m The Derby/Oaks Challenge Bowl race at Ngong on November 15, 2020.

Photo credit: Chris Omollo | Nation Media Group

Conditioner, Dr Patsy Sercombe got all her lines right, bar one, when Joe Karari prevented a total bagel.

Owner Mim Haynes was involved as part owner in four of the quintet races. Robust genes led Dunleavy, Joanna, Whispers and Beeston, to lift spirits up to record levels, while Daytime Girl entrusted the Harry Deakin Memorial Bowl to Lady Spencer.

High Legislation was ridden a little too conservatively by Michael Fundi, succumbing to the same stage fright that unrivalled as a hear-a-pin-drop silenced the large crowd in awe of Charles Kimani and Lesley Sercombe.

Many entrants remained invisible, affected by softer offerings, but largely, distances were much tighter than usual.

It was fun seeing Australia silence the 130,000 spectators in India. Normally, volumes reach crescendo peaks. This match pinnacled a stratum like no other.

Jockey Charles Kimani

Jockey Charles Kimani celebrates aboard Honey Bell Orange after crossing the finishing line to win the Kenya Derby race on April 2, 2023, at Ngong race course.

Photo credit: Chris Omollo | Nation Media Group


12.20 pm - First Race - Icarus Handicap (1,600m)

1. Dunleavy (Charles Kimani)

2. Bampton (Lesley Sercombe)

3. Lucia Poppova (James Muhindi)

Distance: 0.75/head/4.4. Time: 1:45:8/10 secs. Favourite: Lucia Poppova 7-4. Runners: 6

Owned by Anna Bhaloo, Mim and Trevor Haynes. Trainer Doctor Patsy Sercombe

1.30 pm - Second Race - Call me Fuego Maiden (1,400m)

1. Joanna (Lesley Sercombe)

2. Ten Eighty (Patrick Mungai)

3. Leap of Faith (P. Njogu)

Distance: 5.5/6.5/15. Time: 1:33:4/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 9-4. Runners: 4

Owned by Carol Bremner and Mim Haynes. Trainer Doctor Patsy Sercombe

2.05 pm - Third Race - Storm at Sea Handicap (1,400m)

1. Whispers (Charles Kimani)

2. Marlow (James Muhindi)

3. Maria (Patrick Mungai)

Distance: 1.5/1.4/1.5. Time: 1:31:9/10 secs. Favorite: Cassandra 9-4. Runners: 4

Owned by Anna Bhaloo and Mim Haynes. Trainer Doctor Patsy Sercombe

2.40 pm - Fourth Race - The Thomas/Diana Delamere Trophy (1,400m)

1. Beeston (Lesley Sercombe) Westonian-Rami

2. Carlisle (James Muhindi)

3. Arlington (Patrick Mungai)

4. The Gambler (Paul Kiarie)

Distance: 4.4/6/5.4.Time: 1:31:6/10 secs. Favourite: Carlisle 7-4. Runners: 4

Owned by Carol Bremner and Mim Haynes. Trainer Doctor Patsy Sercombe

3.15 pm - Fifth Race - The Harry Deakin Memorial Bowl (1,000m)

1. Daytime Girl (Lesley Sercombe) Dynasty-Pelican Point

2. High Legislation (Michael Fundi)

3. Pretty Pearl (P. Njogu)

4. Ripon (N. Karanja)

Distance: 2.5/4.75/2. Time: 1:00:3/10 secs. Favourites: High Legislation and Daytime Girl 6-4. Runners: 5

Owned by Lady Spencer. Trainer Doctor Patsy Sercombe

3.55        pm - Sixth Race - Ocean Spirit Handicap (1,200m)

 1. Grand Surabi (K. Ngugi)

2. Russian Wonder (James Muhindi)

3. Camberley (Patrick Mungai)

Distance: 1/8/1. Time: 1:15:8/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 9-4. Runners: 4

Owned by J. Ponsonby, Jennifer Ratcliffe, and Captain T. Oruya. Trainer Joe Karari

Next meeting will be on December 3 - for the Conference, Jardin Lafitte, and, Stewards Handicap Cups