Kenswed Clinic restores smiles and confidence through free dental care in Ngong

Kenswed Clinic

Kenswed Clinic medics during a free dental care in Ngong on September 16, 2023.

Photo credit: Pool

Kenswed  Dental Clinic and TePe have collaborated with the University of Nairobi Dental School to provide free dental health care to schools in Ngong town and its environs.

Kenswed Dental is part of the larger Kenswed Organisation, the brainchild of marathoner Isaac Macharia alongside his partners.

After an initial evaluation, the clinic which is part of Kenswed Hospital, established that most students hailing from Ngong and the larger Kajiado county were suffering from dental and oral health-related problems and needed urgent intervention.

Kenswed’s community dentist Damaris Odulwa, said they have embarked on a journey to offer much-needed services including dental fluorosis, whitening, filling, cleaning, extraction, root canal, partial removal, dentures, and mounts scaling especially among students in the various public and private schools in the locality.

“By partnering with the Swedish oral care company TePe, Kenswed Hospital has managed to give free and subsidised services to students and the larger community in Ngong area,” said Odulwa. The programme started six months ago and we have so far done over 45 fluorosis, root canals and scaling.”

“TePe have helped us acquire modern facilities needed to carry out the procedures and have as well been in the forefront in promoting good oral health care by donating toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes, which we distribute then distribute among the students and the larger community,” she added.

Dr. Elizabeth Dimba from the University of Nairobi Dental School said tooth discoloration is a major problem in the entire Kajiado county and observed that the initiative should be embraced as she called on more partnerships to come on board.

“This project is a great initiative for the schools and students since the dental problem is a major concern in Kajiado county. These issues should be given the attention they deserve. We are glad that we, alongside Kenswed and TePe, have already made the initial steps in restoring smiles and confidence by offering free dental care to schools,” said Dimba.