Warrant issued against sacco officials over fraud

Harambee Co-operative plaza in Nairobi. A warrant of arrest has been issued against 11 Harambee Sacco officials. Photo/FILE

A warrant of arrest has been issued against 11 officials of a multi-billion shilling cooperative society.

Two others are to be served with summons in connection with embezzlement of Sh11,924,126 from Harambee Sacco.

Issuing the order, Nairobi chief magistrate Esther Maina said Mr Franklin Muchiri, who works with the International Labour Organisation in Ethiopia and Mr E. Okonji of Public Works ministry are to be served with the summons.

This followed the prosecution of the case privately on behalf of sacco member Geoffrey Ontieri by lawyer Kirathe Wandugi.

Monthly contributions

The sacco savings are estimated to be Sh8 billion, with monthly contributions of more than Sh500 million. Police officers, military personnel and civil servants form the bulk of members.

The 11 officials are to be charged with three counts of stealing by agents, fraud and obtaining money by false pretences.

“You are hereby commanded forthwith to apprehend the said and to bring them before this court to answer to the said charges and to be further dealt with according to the law,” Ms Maina said in the warrants signed on May 2.

Mr Macloud Malonza, Ms Belinda Oguya, Mr Muchiri, Mr Meshack Nyangute, Lt Col Richard Ngovi, Mr Charles Konzolo, Ms Nyambura Weru, Mr Joe Ouko, Mr Charles Geni, Mr Ambrose Oloo, Major Dennis Makau and Mr Humprey Ogeto, who are Harambee sacco board members, are accused of stealing Sh1,290,950. (READ: Official defends sacco bosses in fraud probe)