Talk of Town: MP in trouble over leaked videos


An MP accused of smoking something stronger than a cigarette and who is eyeing to chair a powerful House committee is now the subject of blackmail.

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An MP accused of smoking something stronger than a cigarette and who is eyeing to chair a powerful House committee is now the subject of blackmail. Some people recorded his behaviours and other activities that may not please his wife and have blackmailed to pay or they will unleash some videos that may scuttle his bid for the committee position. The MP paid but is unsure on whether the other party will keep their end of the bargain.

Officer regrets sharing phone number

An officer who recently took up a critical docket with gusto is said to be regretting his decision to share his personal number with the public. This is after his phone was inundated with calls, SMSs and WhatsApp messages to the extent that he could not use it. The man reportedly complained that he was also getting unwanted sexual advances from strange women, with some flooding his WhatsApp inbox with photos. The development forced his office to quickly put up a public notice on twitter asking members of the public to use available toll-free numbers for any urgent matter as he could not respond promptly to messages directed to his personal number.

Edgy MPs ready to guard lands files

Panic gripped Kenya Kwanza circles yesterday when pictures started emerging from the Lands Ministry showing lorries carting away files. MPs from the ruling coalition started writing messages to colleagues and some were even planning to mobilise colleagues to “go guard the files.” This is despite not knowing what was happening. It took a statement from the ministry to calm the nerves of the edgy MPs. Everyone is walking on eggshells nowadays.  

Loose tongue lands MP in trouble

A Kenya Kwanza Senator who was bolted out of President William Ruto’s inner circle after being accused of leaking information is a man on a mission to redeem himself. The legislator has of late become a keyboard warrior,  assigning himself the role of blogging for the government perhaps to be welcomed back to the inner-circle. Despite being elected on United Democratic Alliance (UDA), the said lawmaker is a desperate man after being sidelined by all leaders who are close to the head of state due to his loose tongue.  He has been defending the government even on the issues which the Head of State has not taken a position hence worsening his relationship with the President.

Governor reneges on promise to MP

A governor in Mt Kenya is spurring with an MP over nomination of CECs for vetting. The MP wanted his crony appointed to the Cabinet of the governor, who has refused to make the appointment despite promising to. The county chief accuses the MP of fronting a candidate who kept abusing the governor during the campaigns and has vowed not to nominate the MP’s choice. The MP on the other hand controls MCAs from his constituency and wants to use them to block the governor’s nominees. Grab some county popcorns.

Football official left out in the cold

A famous and mouthy football administrator has been irked by Sports CS nominee Ababu Namwamba decision to engage Fifa directly so that the suspension Kenya is currently serving can be lifted. The man who was following Mr Namwamba’s date with MPs accompanied by some of his friends at a popular joint in the city was left fuming after the CS said his first assignment, if approved, would be to engage the world football governing directly and not through proxies. Since Mr Namwamba’s appointment, the man is said to have lined up a raft of proposals he planned to hand the CS which would have benefited him and seen him back at the leadership of the game. However, he now fears that he could be edged out completely out of football if the CS tackles the issue with Fifa directly.

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