Talk of Town: Concern as bishop takes off with Sh3 million


Concern as bishop takes off with Sh3 million.

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Help stop theft of public land 

Residents of Kajiado County are calling on the anti-graft body to move fast and stop the grabbing of 12 acres of land in the devolved unit which had been set aside for public utilities including a police station. A divisional criminal investigation sleuth within the county is reported to have colluded with one subcounty chief, and a brother of a former senior legislator to defraud the public of the land with the help of cartels and the land board.

Concern as bishop takes off with cash

Did a senior bishop disappear with Sadaka given to them a week ago? Talk of Town has it that during a prayer meeting organised by a senior politician, the man of the cloth said he had coordinated the attendance list and thus should be entrusted with the sadaka to distribute among the men and women of the cloth. The outspoken preacher was given Sh3 million but a week later, the other clergy are yet to receive their cut with the man either switching off his phone or declining to pick calls.

Frustrated chairman losing clout

The chairman of a public funded health sector institution is back at it again. After his scheme to collect kickbacks was frustrated, he has now turned his guns on the institution’s top managers, who he believes are standing on his way to riches. Our mole says the man, who has also been accused of interfering in the day-to-day running of the institution like an ‘executive chairman’, has been soliciting for cash from suppliers and other service providers in exchange for ‘protection’ and fast-tracking payments. The chairman’s claim to power has always been that he was an insider and Mr Fix-It in the previous regime but he is yet to wake up to the reality of a new administration.  

Ex-governor still issuing orders

A former governor in Mt Kenya has shocked employees of the county because of his calls to employees to give them direction despite leaving power. His latest victim was a CEC or minister in county parlance. The CEC, who is still in power until new executives are sworn in, was shocked to receive the call from the former governor giving him directives. When the CEC asked the former governor to talk to the current county chief, the former governor, a showy man, threatened to fire the CEC. Many are wondering whether the former governor has gone bonkers or the thought of losing power has not yet sunk in. His behaviour has been reported to the current governor.  

Officers celebrate fall of arrogant MP

An MP who was close and obsessed with power during the electioneering period is now a man in the cold. The lawmaker used to demand that he must be protected by the county commissioner and a contingent of not less than six police officers anytime he visited his rural home in Nyanza. The county commissioner together with officers according to our mole would camp at the MPs’ home for all the days he is around. Some security officers were heard celebrating at the corridors of parliament on Thursday at the fall of the man who was harassing them and threatening to sack them.

Soccer boss not happy with minister

A vocal football administrator is seemingly disappointed by the appointment of Ababu Namwamba to the Sports Cabinet Secretary docket by President William Ruto earlier this week. This is because he feels the former Budalang’i legislator has a soft spot for some of his opponents who have been angling to see him out of the management of the most loved game. The mouthy administrator who had been bragging after Ruto’s win and plotting revenge against his nemesis in a bid to control the game, is now angry that he may be axed from football activities once Namwamba is vetted by parliament and sworn in.

Ex-MP seeks president’s forgiveness

A former MP from Rift Valley is a disturbed man on how to meet the president to ask for forgiveness. The said legislator has been paying close allies of the head of state to ask the ‘big man’s forgiveness on his behalf. It is said the ex-lawmaker, who opposed Ruto’s State House bid, is worried about the state of his businesses which are across the country hence he is ready to spend millions of shillings to meet the president and seek forgiveness.

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