Ruto nominates Faith Harrison for PS job as he reshuffles seven

Former Kiambu Chief Finance Officer Faith Njeri Harrison.

Photo credit: File I Nation Media Group

President William Ruto has nominated Faith Njeri Harrison for Principal Secretary (PS) Performance Management job and re-assigned Esther Ngero to Correctional Services in the same capacity.

Ms Harrison; the former Kiambu County Finance Chief Officer  who has been nominated to be the PS State Department of Performance Management will face the National Assembly for vetting.

President Ruto at the same time reshuffled seven PSs assigned to different State Departments in what he calls ‘functional changes’ for better implementations of government programmes.

This is barely a year since they were appointed to various state departments.

Earlier this week, the firing bait caught up with Josephine Mburu who was the principal secretary in charge of Public Health at the ministry.

She became the first PS in the Kenya Kwanza government to be sent home.

Her firing came days after an alleged donor funding scandal came from the plagued Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa).

Her colleague PS at the Health ministry-ngineer Peter Tum, who had Kemsa as one of the institutions under his docket was spared from the sacking and has since been transferred to the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Arts and Sports.

Replacing Eng Tum at the Health ministry is Harry Kimtai who has moved from State Department of Livestock.

Ms Mary Muthoni is now the new Public Health and Professional Standards PS, replacing Dr Mburu.

Ms Muthoni, currently the Correctional Services PS, will be replaced by Ms Esther Ngero, who moves from State Department of Performance Management at the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary. 

Mr Gitonga Mugambi swaps places with Ephantus Kimani at the State Department of Forestry.

Mr Kimani takes over at the State Department of Irrigation.

Mr Jonathan Mueke, formerly in the Sports docket, is the new PS State Department for Livestock.

The changes come after a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday where President Ruto emphasised on the need of integrity and vigilance within Government ministries and departments.

“He issued a stern warning against corruption and wastage in the provision of services to the people. The President asked the Cabinet to honour their responsibility to the Constitution and the people. He said corruption and wastage of resources will not be tolerated,” a dispatch from Cabinet said.

Further, the Cabinet office said, the meeting agreed  to ensure the prudent utilisation of public resources.