Organisers vow to go on with city bull-fight

Spectactors watching a bull fight, a traditional sport among the Luhya of Western Kenya. Photo/FILE

Seven bulls arrived in Nairobi on Wednesday morning from Western Province ready to battle this weekend even as animal rights activists rushed to court to stop the event.

Mr Abedarn “Shibakati” Khadohi of Target Africa, organisers of the bull fight at Kasarani Stadium said they will continue with their plans.

The bulls are Agwambo owned by Wycliffe Shitungu, Shida (Ernest Shiabala), Simba (Charles Makora), Nyati (Alfred Kubili), Jasho (Otinga Likhanga), Lumbe (Peter James) and Shisundi (Alex Musindi).

Animal Welfare Action Kenya (AWAKE) said they will not allow organisers to subject the animals to undue suffering that includes discomfort, pain, injury, fear and distress.

Luhya culture

Another animal rights advocate Pascal G. Kaumbutho said the fight was in contravention of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

On Wednesday, Mr Joseph Ngonyo of AWAKE filed a case accusing the organisers of staging the event for commercial purposes.

Target Africa said the fight was meant to showcase the Luhya culture.

Abakakamega Bull-fighting Association chairman Peter Mboyi said the bulls were brought earlier to climatise before event day. Bull-fighting is a traditional sport among the Luhya of Western Kenya.

Special bulls are bred to fight one another, unlike its Spanish counterpart where the battle pits man against a bull.