Private companies, ranches allocated land in Lamu named

Lands, Housing and Urban Development Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu. A defiant suspended Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu has come out guns blazing and accused the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission of a witchhunt. FILE PHOTO | SALATON NJAU | NATION

What you need to know:

  • Allocations were done before the 2013 general election despite a moratorium being issued on transfer of public assets
  • The Land CS said most allocations were done between April and November 2012

At least 500,000 acres of land were allocated to 22 private companies and ranches in Lamu, Lands Cabinet Secretary Ms Charity Ngilu said.

Ms Ngilu named the companies and the acreage allocated to each in what she called an “unmitigated scramble for land in Lamu.”

She said the allocations were made before the 2013 general election despite a moratorium issued on the transfer of public assets controlled by the State and by former municipal and county councils.

Interest in land in Lamu, she said, was sparked by the launch of Lamu Port–South Sudan–Ethiopia Transport (Lappset) corridor project.

“Lamu County was fairly a quiet part of the country, mainly known as a place of retreat, (and) this (Lappset) drastically changed its face and huge tracts of land were allocated to the detriment of the local people of Lamu,” she said.

Ms Ngilu said most allocations were made between April and November 2012.


She named Bricks Investment Limited (which has two parcels LR No.29110; 40.014 acres and LR No. 29113; 40.014 acres), Rusken International Limited LR No 2911 (40,014), Mat International LR No 29115 (40,014 acres) Witu Nayngoro Ranch (DA) Company LR No 29274 (79,534), Witu Conservation Self help Group LR No 281448 (54,201 acres), Shanghai Investment LR No 29247 (19,760 acres).

Other companies were Fincop Investment (K) Limited LR No 29246 (41,990 acres), Sheila Ranch Limited LR No 291254 (5,399 acres), Kaab Investment LR No 29322 (6,268 acres), Dynamic Trading Company Limited LR No 29067 (22,230 acres) and Makoye Kibokoni ranch LR No 29256 (6,725 acres).

One firm, Taabu Company, which had 6,000 acres, used the title deed to borrow Sh1billion from a local bank.

Pandaguo Boni has 12,350 acres, Baragoni Boni community, LR No 29275 (19,760 acres), Khalrara ranch LR No 29255 (12,276 acres) and Cyberdome Investment LR No 29322 (11,000 acres).

Others listed as ranches purportedly held by farmers and pastoralist cooperative societies include Baragoni ranch, Enganani ranch, Lamu Investments, Amu ranch and Maalim ranch.

President Uhuru Kenyatta ON Thursday revoked the allocation of the 500,000 acres of land to private entities in Lamu County.