Wajackoyah 'the fifth': Raila, Ruto are 'small time liars'

Prof George Wajakoyah

Roots Party of Kenya leader Prof George Wajakoyah in court on May 18, 2022. 

Photo credit: Dennis Onsongo | Nation Media Group

Presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoyah has dismissed his two main competitors Deputy President William Ruto and Raila Odinga as "small time liars".

He said there is nothing in the big two's promises that has not been made before since the world came to being – but were never actualised.

He promised Dr Ruto and Azimio boss Mr Odinga a reckoning time in the race to the state house "and my team with its practical sense promises will surprise you".

Campaigning in Sagana town along Makutano-Nyeri road on Tuesday, Prof Wajackoyah said Dr Ruto and Mr Odinga are giving Kenyans "false and unrealistic promises with no attempt to convince."

"Ruto is promising us wheelbarrows, Raila is promising us Sh6,000 per head... Wheelbarrow to do what in our lives? Sh6,000 raised from where when our emergency is to service the national debts?" he posed.

Prof Wajackoyah maintained that the only way out is to grow bhang and rear poisonous snakes, fight corruption and make everyone happy.

He said he is promising what has never been promised, in a simple language well understandable by all classes of people, “in a model that need no manual to understand and disseminated with believable practically proven positive results.”

"I am telling you that we will plant bhang, rear snakes...and I am giving you the markets and the pricing, comparing the gains with expenditure and in only a season we will pay all our debts," he said.

Prof Wajackoyah said bhang will take two months to post first harvest and peak in six months with a sack fetching Sh320 million.

Commercial gain from sales of snake venom to be sold to pharmaceutical industries will post results in the first three months, he says.

He said carpet viper, cobras and Puff adders are the ideal species where a dose goes for between Sh4,500 and Sh5,500 and the market is the one that comes to the farmer.

He said bhang and snake enterprises will thrive to a point that proceeds will increase rate of urbanisation in the grassroots.

"Our shopping centres will gain sparkle and life. This will be a country where your nearest shopping centre will he your capital...we will do away with ghost towns...these dusty and dilapidated buildings will be spruced up by bhang and snake enterprises' gains," he said.

While Dr Ruto is vying on United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party, Mr Odinga is on Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance party.

Prof Wajackoyah is vying on Roots Party and the last of the four combatants in the August 9 presidential vote is Mwaure Waihiga vying on Agano party.

He said his rule will make Kenyans a one big united happy family "to a point that Friday will be set aside as a bhang smoking and resting day recharging to commence work on Monday".

He accused some members of the clergy who in pursuit of livelihood, had resorted to conning and extorting the flock.

"Those thieving members of the clergy will be dealt with by my government. But we will first attempt to bail them out from the motivations that make them unethical. We will give them a share of our bhang economy proceeds...we will be too content with life that we will not be sinning and our collective goal in religion will be to deliver individual soul to the creator," he said.