There's no end to Sonko’s theatrics and money

Gideon Kioko Mbuvi, popularly known as Mike Sonko, is a man who needs no introduction. The son of Mzee Kivanguli is the perfect embodiment of eccentricity with no boundaries in whatever he does. Whether good or bad, he does it in style.

Known for his penchant for ruffling feathers and a mortar-mouth, the father of three is blessed with fancy fingers and takes no prisoners. From punching walls to recording phone call conversations, he is as colourful and controversial as they come.

Since swapping his “excellency” title, the flamboyant politician has been a source of entertainment for his millions of followers on social media. In fact, there’s never a dull moment with him. If the “King of Controversy” is not hurling expletives at anyone who dares cross his line, he is flaunting his riches, family or mannerisms. It is a mad, mad world in his space, sanity only prevails when he is probably deep asleep.

This week, the former matatu king was at it again, flaunting his riches on social media after being infuriated by an unnamed person from Embu who taunted him, saying he has no money.

While hurling expletives, the “King of bling”, displayed his millions in dollars and Kenya shillings, revealing about six cases full of crisp notes as he told the person to, kaskie vibaya huko.

In the viral video, which has generated a challenge, the rant-master said his money is not meant for spoiling his grown-up children but for his “many wives”.

That is Sonko for you. The former Makadara MP loves the pig-game. His life motto has always been: “ukimwaga unga, ninamwaga mboga”.

His antics, brash and unconventional behaviour has made him loved and loathed in equal measure, but does he care!

He recently tauted Yesu wa Tongaren for being unable to save himself from the police cell. That was besides promising to convince Pastor Mackenzie to starve himself to death.

If you think flaunting is only an acquired habit, think again. It runs in the family blood. His daughter, Sandra Mbuvi, just recently said that she spends between Sh25,000 and Sh45,000 daily on her dogs.

But what can’t the father of three not say or do? Mr Sonko’s political life has been an uneventful one which has seen him fall out with almost everyone he has come across. In fact, it is easier to count those he is yet to rub the wrong way than those who have been victims of his dirty machinations.

In another video, he slated Yesu wa Tongaren for not being able to free himself from a police cell yet he is calling himself “Yesu”. Unlike him, who swung the prison cell’s door open when he was arrested.

Keeping with the trend, he released another video saying how he wants to visit Pastor Mackenzie at Malindi police station and convince him to commit suicide then call him once he’s with Jesus so he can record the conversation.