Raila Odinga's call that rescued ailing freedom fighter John Kiboko

Freedom Fighters

Brigadier John Kiboko. He is admitted to a Nairobi hospital with a Sh3 million medical bill which is increasing daily.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Opposition leader Raila Odinga received appreciation from the children and grandchildren of Mau Mau fighters for standing with ailing Brigadier John Kiboko, a freedom fighter.

Brigadier Kiboko is admitted to a Nairobi hospital with an outstanding Sh3 million medical bill which is increasing daily.

The scions of freedom fighters are fighting for improved welfare of the remaining freedom fighters and took issue with the government’s lack of concern for the independence heroes.

Mr Mutugi Kiboko, a son of the general, said his father has not received any attention from the national government.

"Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga called the hospital requesting them to admit my father after we reached out to him. He has cleared Sh600, 000 for the admission, we are still trying to get the national government’s intervention,” said Mr Kiboko.

He added: “Nyandarua Governor Kiarie Badilisha sent a team to visit Mzee. We have not heard from the national government.”

The death of Ms Mukami Kimathi, the widow of freedom fighter Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi prompted the children and grandchildren of independence heroes and heroines to come together and fight for the rights of surviving freedom heroes.

Ms Evalyne Kimathi, the daughter of the late Kimathi, and Mr Maina Kiambati a son of Major General Kiambati Muiyuro, have been pushing for the improvement of the welfare of the surviving freedom fighters.

Kimathi’s granddaughter, Ms Wagaki Wachiuri, said the government used Brigadier Kiboko during her grandmother's burial but never bothered to know of his welfare.

“They used the Brigadier to entertain them at the funeral but they never bothered to know about his deteriorating health,” said Ms Wachiuri.

Brigadier Kiboko has been in hospital for almost four weeks.

At Ms Mukami's State funeral, the ailing brigadier said he knew where Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi was buried at Kamiti Prison.

He requested President William Ruto to allow him to trace Kimathi’s burial site at the maximum prison for the government to retrieve his remains for a decent burial.

The grandchildren said it was sad the government was honouring fake freedom fighters who are misusing the Mau Mau name to enrich themselves.

“The role of taking care of the genuine fighters has been left in the hands of the poor grandchildren,” said Ms Wachiuri.

Ms Emily Kiambati, daughter to Major General Kiambati, challenged Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, who claims to be a son of Mau Mau, to address the plight of the surviving Mau Mau.

“We appeal to the DP to listen to our cries as grandchildren of the freedom fighters in the spirit of Mau Mau unity,” pleaded Ms Kiambati.

Mr Kinyenje Muhuri, grandson of a freedom fighter, said it was unfortunate that fraudsters claiming to be Mau Mau sons and daughters are reaping from their lies while genuine fighters languish in pain and poverty.

“What is happening in this country is not correct. It's not right because those people who are called fraudsters are the ones who are benefiting from the proceeds of what our fathers fought for, the freedom of this nation,” said Mr Muhuri.

He continued: “The surviving freedom fighters are on their sunset years and the government should move with speed to fulfill their dreams before they join their makers.”.

Mr Samuel Ng’anga, another grandson of a freedom fighter said the government has abandoned freedom fighters at their hour of need.

“We are asking well-wishers to help us raise funds to treat the ailing freedom fighters so that they can live in dignity in their sunset years,” said Mr Ng’ang’a.