Gachagua: I prayed for three days facing Mt Kenya

Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua prays while facing Mount Kenya on January 8, 2023. 

Photo credit: Jeff Angote l DPCS

Two days ago, photos of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua surfaced on different social media platforms - his head bowed, hands raised in surrender while facing the magnificent Mt Kenya.

He has revealed in an interview that he trekked into a sanctuary in the Mt Kenya Forest to pray for three days in the calmness of nature that would allow him a quiet time with God.

This happened during the four day cabinet retreat at the Fairmont Hotel in Nanyuki last week that was meant to evaluate the performance of the Kenya Kwanza administration.

“I went to the mountain because that is where it is quiet to cry to God to have mercy on our people… I‘m in pain that since I became the deputy president I have been to offices [of white men] borrowing food. As Kikuyus, we hate borrowing. I’m ashamed,” he said.

With more than 3.4 million people in dire need of food in 24 counties according to the National Drought and Management Authority, the DP said he was nudged to face the mountain and pray for rains to avert the pangs of hunger that continue to wreak havoc amongst the population.

“I also went to the mountain to pray for rains and cry for our people acknowledging that God has blessed us with fertile lands and we are hardworking but we are laden with problems and there is no food… I prayed that God would forgive us and allow rain to pour for us to have enough food,” he added.

On the second day, he said he went back to the sanctuary in the forest to pray to God to have mercy on the boy child in Central Kenya who has lost his way to alcoholism and drug abuse.

“And even as we pray to God to help the men to change their ways, we are also going to engage the National Government Administration Officers (NGAO) in arresting those that are selling alcohol to our children, destroying a generation,” he said.

He further noted that he prayed to God to eliminate cancer that has killed many and left homes impoverished.

On the final day, DP Rigathi said he faced the mountain to pray for President William Ruto saying he had a difficult task ahead of him.

“I prayed that God would bless him with courage and wisdom to lead this nation… that he should not tire but be steadfast in working for Kenyans. I pray that he is able to listen to wise counsel and he is guided to reviving the economy back to retired President Mwai Kibaki times,” he said.