Gachagua: I’m ashamed to be a begging Deputy President, kingpin

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua at the Mitihani House on November 11, 2022.

Photo credit: Francis Nderitu | Nation Media Group

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Sunday said it is a shame to be a relief food ‘beggar’ as a second-in-command.

Mr Gachagua said the African community does not hold beggars in high esteem.

Speaking on Inooro TV, he said his community loathes beggars "but that is exactly what I have been reduced to... every dawn extending a begging bowl to Europeans, asking them to give me food to take to our people”.

According to the deputy president, ‘begging’ for relief food has pricked his pride “and this is why I went praying to our god who resides in Mt Kenya beseeching him to help us out of more humiliation”.

He said he is uncomfortable being a Mt Kenya kingpin who is ‘begging’ when the country should be food secure.

He added that he also prayed for President William Ruto and salvation of the Mt Kenya youth who have lost their way to alcoholism and drug abuse.

“I also prayed for President William Ruto to be guided by Solomonic wisdom to get this country back to where the third president, Mwai Kibaki left us. I prayed for the demonic and greedy alcohol and drugs sellers who make money out of the destruction of our children," he said.

Saying charity begins at home, he vowed to continue opposing Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja's policies that might disadvantage Mt Kenya businessmen in the capital city.

 “I'm the Deputy President. I won't stop speaking out when our people are being disadvantaged. As per the Executive Order on Organisation of Government, I’m the bridge between county governments and the national government and that is by the order of the President,” he said.

He said there are outright impossibilities including “policies that I won't accept. For instance, no matatus will be moved from the stages; congestion only affects those who are endowed. The hustlers are not complaining. You won't close our bars. Give them time to soundproof their businesses if the issue is about noise".

He said that a businessman is not a sack of potato to be loaded and unloaded at will.

“Whatever you are in this life, whoever you are, you will not be tolerated in inconveniencing my people. When that young man [Sakaja] was being elected, I prevailed upon Bishop Margaret Wanjiru to step down. I asked our voters to against Polycarp Igathe (Jubilee). I endorsed Sakaja in place of our daughter and son. We made Sakaja governor,” he said.

Mr Gachagua said he has since told Sakaja that “it is up to him to go and choose between fighting those who made him governor or consult them in service delivery”.

He said: “I think I have made it crystal clear. I'm through with this debate, a king need not speak twice about one issue. Our businesspeople are well protected. Being made DP did not change my roots and traditions. I'm with my people and others in the whole country”.

He said his stand is not about tribe; it's not about regions.

“It's not even about Musalia Mudavadi [who is said to be engaged in cold war with Gachagua regarding Sakaja] and me. It's not about 2027 or 2032 elections. It's not about all those other things you think. It is about me, the President, my people, our people and their wealth,” he said.

He complained that it is being made a big issue when his community benefits from government positions.

“They only complain that we are getting many seats in government. They don't complain that we are many in jail hence need to be released. They don't complain that we are many in mortuaries. They celebrate where we are getting disadvantaged. They complain about where we are gaining,” he said.


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