Kenyans react to Rigathi Gachagua's prayers facing Mt Kenya tweet

Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua prays while facing Mount Kenya on January 8, 2023. 

Photo credit: Jeff Angote l DPCS

 When Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua tweeted his experience at the foot of Mt Kenya during the inaugural retreat for Cabinet and senior government officials, it was meant to be a normal tweet.

The DP, in his verified Twitter account which has more than 452,000 followers said: “I woke up early this morning at 4 am to make a nostalgic journey to the mountain.”

Mr Gachagua, popularly known as ''Riggy G'' said: “The one-hour trek that included crossing River Rikkia reminded me of the great struggle for our freedom. I took time to thank God for his mercy and kindness to the people of Kenya and for giving us the freedom we are now enjoying.”

 “Facing Mount Kenya, I prayed to ‘Mwene Nyaga’ (God) to give good health and wisdom to our great leader President William Ruto as he embarks on the economic transformation of our nation and the restoration of the dignity of the Kenyan people. Mlima (mountain) is calm, steady, and stoic na iko sawa (its ok),” said Mr Gachagua before he retreated to the Fairmount Mount Kenya Safari Club at the foot of Mt Kenya where top government officials were holding the meeting. 

Platforms lit up with humour as Kenyans touched on matters, including the skyrocketing cost of living, lack of jobs, food prices, freedom fighters and the 2022 General Election.

"Cost of unga (flour), electricity and fuel are the only things you can’t remember,” wrote RealChris and Den.

Paul Mathews wrote on Twitter: “How will this help on the food prices?”

Sammy Edambo attached a statement by Mr Gachagua’s boss Dr Ruto banning the holding of meetings and conferences by State officials in five stars hotels.

“Masters of double speaking. You people are confused,” wrote Mr Edambo.

Nyambura wa Muiru said: " Sometimes I wonder if they get dizzy from their about turns and back flipping on their words, Sir.”

Erick Mwangi said: "Why do you always force the Mau Mau lie? True heroes don’t blow their trumpets.”

Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua during a trek along Mawingu Trail on the slopes of Mt. Kenya.

Photo credit: DPPS

Edwin Kayo Munayi said: "What happened to ‘all government meetings will not be convened in expensive hotels and resorts other than government offices and boardrooms? Then you expect us to ever take your words seriously anymore Mnatubeba mafala sana (you’re taking us for a ride) Anyway enjoy it’s your time!"

Another Twitter follower going by the name Usual Suspect reminded the DP the government is still chasing to meet its tax collection targets.

 “There is a water pump there and the owner is not paying tax,” wrote the Suspect.

  “Do you know mhesh (honourable) we’re struggling to pay electricity bills?” wrote Apache.

Winnie Nyamai took advantage to ask the DP to offer her a job and in her one-sentence reply she said: “Give me a job.”

Paul Maina saw the DP visit at the foot of Mount Kenya at 4 am as a showoff.

Mr Maina reminded the DP: “Some of us woke up at 2 am to build the nation and not do a leisure walk in some luxury hotel.”

David Babu told DP Gachagua: “Nothing to show off. Just meetings after meetings and singing Ruto.”

Mr Kevin Oduor said this is a good political strategy by the DP.

 “Advisors should now tell Riggy G to face Lake Victoria, the Indian Ocean, and Kakamega Forest. Make it National beyond Gema patronage.”

Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua during a trek along Mawingu Trail on the slopes of Mt. Kenya on January 7, 2023

Photo credit: DPPS

Some members of the public, such as one Rev Olive Branch lauded the DP for making his office look ordinary and reminded him to make sure his security is around 24/7.

 “Don’t forget about your security. I hold different persuasion from both of you [DP and the President] but one thing we must all acknowledge is that you have made the two highest offices in the land look so ordinary. Thank you so much, continue enjoying yourselves Sir” wrote Rev Olive.

 Another Twitter user saw the meeting at the five-star hotel as a betrayal as the DP had once told the residents of the central region that when the President will hold a meeting there it will be at Sagana State Lodge.

“Why didn’t the President go to Sagana State Lodge? We’re ready for a dish of rice and meat and a bottle of soft drink,” wrote Ndiirikaga Nii.

Kipkoech Cholyo saw the retreat as a waste of public resources and wrote: “I knew beyond conviction the moment this regime came to power Kenya lost,”

Jared Osumba said: “I thought you had gone for a workshop or seminar to sort out the cost of living in Kenya. Alas, you people had gone for mountaineering!”

Eunice Muchilwa wrote: “This is great. Nice to see you taking advantage of the landscape to keep physically fit. Thanks for sharing.”

While noting the importance of taking time off to interact with nature, Waziri wa Starehe said, "Some of us miss this kind of environment far away from the city noise and pollution. It's always good for one’s spiritual and mental being. Enjoy!”

Mr P. K Langat reminded the DP of salvation and said: “Sir stop praying while facing Mt Kenya, face Jesus directly, mountain has no blessings but Christ has blessings.”

Sam Masika summed it all up by urging the two principals to walk the talk.

"I’m just trying to understand you people but am lost. You’re working on cutting the cost of living and expenditure in government but you’re always abroad or in expensive hotels. Is that the right trajectory? You just have to start practising what you preach or stop raising our hopes,” wrote Mr Masika.


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