NMG partners with Chinese city to promote culture, tourism

Joe Ageyo

Zhengzhou Radio and Television Station Director Jiao Jian (right) presents a gift to Nation Media Group Joe Ageyo at the Pullman Hotel in Nairobi on June 19, 2024.

Photo credit: Francis Nderitu | Nation Media Group

What you need to know:

  • Zhengzhou City is home to several international facilities.
  • Zhengzhou has been deeply involved in the Belt and Road construction.

Nation Media Group (NMG) is partnering with Zhengzhou City to enlighten the public about the city’s history, culture, food and the economy.

A Zhengzhou delegation led by Zhengzhou Radio and Television Director Jiao Jian in Nairobi for the “In Love with Zhengzhou City Image Overseas Promotion” said it was happy to be in the country and hope to create more collaborations.

NMG Editor-in-Chief Joe Ageyo, who was among the speakers at the event on Wednesday, said China holds the distinguished honour of being the world’s oldest continuous civilisation and “today, through the power media, we have the privilege of sharing in this rich history, vibrant culture, and remarkable modern development”.

He said that NMG, which is this year celebrating its 65th anniversary, has been an integral part of the history of Kenya since the country’s independence in 1963.

“That is why ‘In Love with Zhengzhou’, the highlight of this event, is particularly significant and presents a great opportunity to deepen this relationship by exploring areas of partnership between Zhengzhou Radio and Television Station and Nation Media Group,” he said.

Trade opportunities

“We are eager to see how this collaboration can flourish in the days ahead, educating our East African audiences not only about Chinese culture, but also about impressive advancement in technology, infrastructure and trade opportunities that China offers,” Mr Ageyo added.

In a speech read on behalf of the of Kenya Tourism Board CEO June Chepkemei by Fiona Ngesa, the institution’s Business Development Manager, Ms Chepkemei said Kenya and China have unique tourism and cultural resources that are being tapped for economic growth.

“We therefore welcome the vision for cultural exchange and collaboration in tourism promotion between Kenya Tourism Board and the Zhengzhou Radio and Television Station,” she said. “Further, we welcome collaborative twinning between the City of Zhengzhou in Henan Province, China, with one of our cities in Kenya.

International facilities

Zhengzhou is home to several international facilities, including an Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Centre and an international cooperation centre built by the local government and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.

The number of its international sister cities has this year increased to 13, while international cities with friendly and cooperative relations have grown to 34.

Speaking at the event, the Huji District of Zhengzhou Director of Publicity Yang Xiang said that radio and television and tourism will help to fully exploit the Yellow River culture and tourism resources.

“You can visit Yellow River National Cultural Park, Grand Canal National Cultural Park and Great Wall National Cultural Park, which focuses on developing tourism destination areas including Zhongmu area, Xinmi area, Mount Song area and northern area along the Yellow River,” he said.

In recent years, Zhengzhou has been deeply involved in the Belt and Road construction, striving to build three “silk roads”.