Mirema shooting: DCI reveals identity of suspected mastermind

Mr Denis Karani Gachoki mirema murder muvota mugota

Mr Denis Karani Gachoki is pictured in a poster shared by the DCI. 

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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has issued a notice revealing the identity of the man suspected of masterminding the brazen daytime shooting of Samuel Mugo Mugota. 

In a wanted poster circulated Friday on social media, investigators say Denis Karani Gachoki is the main suspect behind the crime.

"The armed and dangerous man is suspected to be in possession of a firearm that was snatched from a stupefied Police officer, after a round of drinks at a popular joint in Mombasa, in November, 2020," DCI said in a statement. 

The investigators also alluded to his involvement with rogue police officers who have helped him evade capture. 

"Efforts by detectives to arrest him have been futile since the thug who is well loaded, influences rogue cops who tip him off once an operation for his arrest has been launched."

Police believe a fallout between Mr Gachoki and his reported boss, Mr Mugota, was the motive behind his gangland-style execution in the city. They claim that hours after the murder, police traced Mr Gachoki’s phone to burnt Forest, Uasin Gishu County, and believe he may have crossed the border into a neighbouring country. 

Mr Mugota was gunned down on Monday afternoon in Roysambu area, Nairobi.

Samuel Mugo Mugota

Samuel Mugo Mugota who was shot six times by unknown assailant in Mirema, Kasarani on Monday.

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Samuel Mugo Mugota was driving this Honda CRV when his vehicle was obstructed by another car, a white Toyota Premio. An occupant emerged from the saloon car and shot him several times. 

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In the days that followed, it emerged that he was behind the criminal trend of drugging and stealing from revellers in clubs with the help of women he had employed. DCI sleuths have also defined him as a rogue millionaire whose wealth was amassed from swapping ATM and SIM cards stolen from his victims.

According to the DCI, Mugota’s life of crime began in 2011, when he would steal ATM cards in various banks by hanging around ATM machines offering to assist customers who had difficulties, mostly in the evenings. He would collude with rogue banking officials who would jam the machines once a client inserted their ATM card, then Mugota would approach the client, offering to assist. Detectives said he had a preference for Co-Operative Bank ATMs.

“He would insert the clients’ card then pretend to be facing away and ask the client to key in his password and confirm the balance before withdrawing. However, since the machines eject the ATM card first, he would get hold of the card as the unsuspecting client waited for the cash,” the DCI said.

Additional report by Mary Wambui