DCI names 9 nightclubs that slain Mirema man allegedly targeted

Samuel Mugo Mugota

Samuel Mugo Mugota who was shot six times by unknown assailant in Mirema, Kasarani on Monday.

Photo credit: Photo | Pool  

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has named several nightclubs that they claim slain Mirema man targeted for criminal activities. 

The DCI, in a lengthy thread on Twitter, said Samuel Mugo Muvota, the man who was shot in broad daylight in Mirema, Kasarani, on Monday afternoon recruited women to spike revellers’ drinks in clubs. 

At the time of his death, he had employed more than 50 women that he deployed to various high-end entertainment spots on Kiambu Road, Ruaka-Kamiti Road and Roysambu and Zimmerman to drug revellers. 

The joints include club Switch in Kasarani, Whisky River on Kiambu Road, Red Lion in Ruaka, Oklahoma Choma Zone, Lacascada, Aroma, Backroom, Mkwanju, and Dragon. 

According to the investigating agency, if a man was very careful with his drink, the ladies would offer him an energy drink claiming that he was too drunk and not up to the task ahead.

“In case that trick failed to work, they would escort a man (in case he was single) to his house and prepare coffee or scrambled eggs, for the man to eat,” DCI said. 

After a successful harvest targeting clubs in a given town, Muvota would redeploy them to a different town for cover. 

The DCI said Muvota had been arrested 30 times in the last 11 years for stupefying and stealing from his victims in clubs with the help of beautiful women. Detectives also termed him as a rogue millionaire whose wealth was amassed from swapping ATM and SIM cards stolen from his victims.

DCI said that Muvota was making over Sh1 million in a day.

Detectives claim Muvota was killed in a deal gone sour after one of his employees sold him out.