Lucy Njeri murder plot: I have obtained restraining orders against my husband

Lucy Njeri

Lucy Njeri Muhami. The Canadian government has stepped in to investigate claims of an alleged plot to kill her.

Photo credit: Francis Nderitu | Nation Media Group

The Canadian government has stepped in to investigate claims of an alleged plot to kill Ms Lucy Njeri, who holds dual citizenship after she accused her husband Mr Nelson Ndereba of hiring hitmen to kill her in November last year.

Speaking to Nation.Africa, the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi said it is aware of the case and is in contact with local authorities to gather additional information and provide consular assistance to Ms Njeri before she jets back to Toronto where she works as a nurse.

“On January 16, 2023, Nairobi became aware via local media that the subject was a victim of a murder attempt orchestrated by her husband, possibly in Canada. The husband would have paid a Kenyan hitman to kill the subject and dispose of her body in Kenya following her arrival in the country,” the response to the Nation’s queries read in part.

Since Ms Njeri is a possible victim of assault, the High Commission declined to disclose further details about the matter.

In this case, investigations by Canada will revolve around the alleged plot that was purportedly hatched on its soil, even though its alleged execution was to take place thousands of miles away in Kenya.

Professional athlete

Ms Njeri, who after running as a professional athlete for 15 years studied nursing and joined the University Health Network, the largest health research organisation in Canada, told the Nation yesterday that she was awaiting the outcome of an investigation into her claims.

 “I have been living in fear, but I am certain the government will give me protection...I want to go back to continue doing what I love, which is helping people. I have already obtained restraining orders against him,” Ms Njeri said.

Ms Njeri has accused Mr Ndereba of hiring hit men to kill her, claims that he has denied.

Mr Ndereba claimed he only hired the two men in question to pick her up from the airport. He said the men duped Ms Njeri on the murder plot to extort her.  

He further admits to the contents of a WhatsApp conference call that purportedly has him instructing a man, known as Swaleh, on the killing and dumping of the body but insists the conversation was edited by Swaleh and is not a true account of their full conversation, including a third person.

 “I can create that robot and it will respond as a human. We are in 5G technology and artificial intelligence. Anyone’s voice can be manipulated,” he says.

“A criminal can’t use another crime to evade the law. He played against me and my family. He robbed my wife, that’s a fact. He tricked my wife, that’s a fact. He raped my wife, that’s a fact. No matter how sweet he pretends to be. He has no escape. We are on his heels.”

Ms Njeri is set to go back to work in Canada but says she will not step foot in the house she lived with her estranged husband.

Visited JKIA

The Nation established that on Friday last week, DCI detectives went to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to review CCTV camera footage from the night Ms Njeri arrived and left the airport aboard a black Toyota car.

 “They (DCI) detectives called me and gave me an update on the progress of the probe. I am grateful and hopeful that justice shall be served,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kenyans in Canada who knew the couple have reacted to news of the alleged murder plot.

“I am reading this article in utter shock because they are very well known to me!” said Shiro Machuhi, a resident who posted on Facebook when the Nation published the initial story.

In Canada, Mr Ndereba is respected, being the person who revived the Kenyan community association to become its current chairman. He is also the engine behind “Mkarimu Radio”, an internet radio station that he runs for Kenyans in the diaspora.