Lovelorn former governor makes fresh moves after woman dumps him


Next time, watch how your girlfriend’s viewing your relationship, and if she’s beginning to think monogamy, you’d better be thinking that way too.

Photo credit: Samuel Muigai | Nation Media Group

A former governor from western Kenya is said to be cursing himself after a young woman he has been dating dumped him for a youthful communications professional. The veteran politician is said to be trying so much to get the woman back but he is scared that the breakup could leak to the public and embarrass him and his family. The man, whose children are older than the woman in question, is said to be hurt having spent a lot of money on the love interest when he served as county boss.

Club boss in deep trouble

A top club official who has been walking with goons and terrorising fans opposed to his stay in office is said to be in debt and is battling auctioneers to save his residence in Nairobi Eastlands. The official has been putting on a brave face in public but has since been having a rough patch with fans because of his leadership style at the club. Feeling his job is under threat because of the dwindling fortunes on the pitch, the official has hired goons to accompany him in matches and take on those who don’t want him. Word has it that he has a huge debt which he has failed to settle and his residence is under the auctioneer’s radar.

Elusive minister angers hungry MPs

A Cabinet Secretary is said to be a marked man for playing hide-and-seek with MPs. The CS is said to be avoiding meeting the lawmakers over claims of having never-ending demands, including handouts. The man is said to have resorted to switching off his phone any time some of the MPs decide to visit his office without an appointment. Talk of Town overheard one of the MPs saying that the CS has become notorious in ignoring them. They plan to teach him a lesson when he appears before them in Parliament.

Neighbour to the rescue

A senator who has previously served in the National Assembly was recently embarrassed when his colleagues who visited his rural home had to wait for seats to be borrowed from a neighbour. The vocal politician is said to have pleaded with a Senate committee delegation that had visited his county for a fact-finding mission to pass by his home, but the big man found himself embarrassed when he had to hurriedly send for seats from a nearby relative’s home for him to host his colleagues. The delegation was also surprised that the man hosted them in an unfinished house despite having served several terms as an MP.

Ooops, don’t click the link!

Why did a senior official decide to share a link considered illegal to Kenyans to follow a game that was being played? The official initially took to his social media pages to rally citizens to watch the match. But his earlier promise that the match would be televised also flopped. Perhaps to make amends for embarrassment, he shared a link which was immediately flagged and blocked for being illegal. Many are wondering if the official was misled or is not just in control of matters. However, the incident has exposed the man who will now have to weigh in on what he posts on social media.

Political protection over corruption

A well-connected individual is said to have shared out the list of suspended parastatal chief executive officers to another official who was scared of being in the list hours before it was made public. It is said that the list was shared to assure the troubled official that he was safe from a possible sack over claims of corruption. The motive was not clear but those aware read mischief. They suspected the official was on an extortion spree and had earlier suggested he would offer political protection.

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