Mark Too’s son wants Sh5 million from multi-billion shilling estate for medical

Ali Mark Kiptarbei Too son of former Nominated MP the late Mark Too wants Sh5million for medical expenses. 

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What you need to know:

  • Ali Too, who was born out of wedlock, claims that he is diabetic and needs the money to save his left arm from being amputated.
  • However, late Too’s widow objects saying the succession case is yet to be concluded due to Sirikwa squatter case.

The son of former Nominated MP the late Mark Too wants administrators of his multi-billion-shilling estate to urgently advance him Sh5 million for urgent medical treatment as the family of the deceased politician awaits completion of the succession proceedings.

Ali Too, who was born out of wedlock, claims that he is diabetic and needs the money to save his left arm from being amputated, having been evicted by his landlord over accumulated rent arrears at his Eldoret rental house.

The influential Kanu-era politician was a close ally of former President Daniel Moi and died on December 31, 2016, aged 60, leaving behind a vast estate valued at more than Sh7 billion.

Mr Ali is among the adult sons and daughters of the late Too, who were born out of wedlock, who are demanding a share of the late Too's wealth that is spread across the country. Others are Chepkoech Too, Arafat Mohammed Bakari, and Sammy Mulili (deceased).

Ali wants Mary Jepkemboi and Sophie Jelimo Too, who are the administrators of the deceased’s wealth to expedite the release of the money to enable him to undergo treatment for his left arm before the situation gets worse.

“I feel pain throughout and I cannot access any reputable private or public hospital for treatment due to lack of money. I am worried that in the event I do not get money, my arm might be amputated as warned by my doctor,” he stated.

The two widows of Mr Too filed an application in court acknowledging Ali and Bakari as biological sons of their late husband. In their affidavit, they said they would acknowledge the duo in the distribution of the estate of Mr Too.

Speaking to journalists, he claimed that three out of his four children have dropped out of school due to a lack of fees. The said children were in grades four, five, and six while the last born was still in kindergarten.

“I have been forced to relocate to my mother’s place in Mombasa after I was evicted from my rental house in West Indies estate due to accumulated rent arrears,” Ali said.

He is pleading with the administrators of his late father’s estate to have mercy on him and advance him the money, pending determination of the succession matter in court, noting that he has no one to turn to and is facing psychological and mental anguish owing to the social and financial challenges facing him.

According to Ali, his mother Asiya Said had a relationship with the late Too after meeting in Mombasa in 1990, which resulted in his birth before they terminated their relationship.

In a response to Ali’s plea, Sophie Jelimo Too, one of the widows of Mr Too who is also among administrators of the deceased’s estate, dismissed his complaints saying he was just interested in the property of the deceased and does not acknowledge how she has been struggling on the corridors of justice, trying to secure the wealth from being wasted.

“Ali is an adult and he should know that he is expected to work hard to make his wealth and stop relying on me,” the widow said.

She said that as one of the administrators of the deceased’s estate, they could not distribute it among the beneficiaries because of the Sirikwa squatter case that was before the Supreme Court.

She further revealed that before his demise, the late Mark Too had not officially recognised Ali as one of his children born out of wedlock as he claims, warning him against misusing the privilege of being accepted into the family.