Judges, magistrates vow to uphold law

From left: Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association president Jacqueline Kamau, vice secretary-general Muktan Sarat and secretary-general Derrick Kuto during a press briefing on February 16, 2018. PHOTO | KANYIRI WAHITO | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Judges and magistrates have vowed to defend the Constitution and to fearlessly uphold the rule of law.

Through their association, judges and magistrates admitted there are instances where people get dissatisfied with outcomes of decisions rendered by courts but said the law provides a way forward on what to do in such circumstances.


They said they have resolved to continue dispensing justice even in the wake of a recent trend of disobeying court orders.

“The membership of Kenya Judges and Magistrates Association is resolute that we shall uphold the rule of law, steadfastly defend the Constitution and diligently dispense justice without fear or favour,” said KMJA Secretary-General Derrick Kuto.

The association condemned disobedience of court orders, warning that the country could plunge into lawlessness.

They urged Kenyans to support the Judiciary in its quest to defend the Constitution and uphold the rule of law as well as abstain from attacking individual judges  or magistrates.

“When there is disregard of court orders, no citizen is assured of protection of his or her right as guaranteed by the Constitution, the absence of law and order will plunge the country into chaos,” said Mr Kuto who is also a magistrate.

KMJA said the Judiciary respects other arms of the government and values interdependence with each other.

“Occasionally, parties that come to court may be dissatisfied with decisions rendered by judicial officers but they still have recourse in law in such circumstances,” he added.

Their statement comes only a day after the Law Society of Kenya called on the government to respect the rule of law. On Thursday, lawyers held a protest walk  to condemn disobedience of court orders.