Form One placement to start on Monday next week– CS Machogu

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu delivers his speech during the release of the 2023 KCPE results.

Photo credit: Wilfred Nyangaresi | Nation Media Group

Form One selection process will begin on November 27, 2023, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has announced.

Speaking after releasing the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam results, Mr Machogu stated that the Form One placement will be completed within two weeks to give parents and guardians adequate time to prepare their children to join Form One in 2024.

“Already, the ministry has developed a fair and transparent system for Form One placement that will ensure national, regional and socio-economic balance is achieved. The placement process will start on Monday 27,” he said

A record 1,415,315 candidates sat the KCPE examination this year, marking the end of the 8-4-4 primary school system after nearly four decades.

The CS further encouraged parents, guardians, and all stakeholders to take the necessary steps to ensure that every learner successfully transitions to the secondary school level.

He said this is crucial for completing their basic education, a pivotal element for their survival, and equally advantageous for the overall development and growth of the country.

“I urge our parents, guardians and all stakeholders to ensure that all our learners transit to secondary school level so as to complete their basic education, which is critical to their survival and also beneficial for the country’s development and growth,” he said.

The CS further noted that meticulous attention to detail and adherence to examination protocols are paramount in upholding the integrity of the educational assessment system.

Emphasising the commendable efforts of both candidates and officials in maintaining the credibility of the 2023 KCPE examination, he highlighted that out of the substantial pool of 1,406,557 candidates, only two individuals were identified for engaging in examination malpractices.

One candidate was found with unauthorised notes, and the other with a mobile phone. This commendable record underscores the dedication and vigilance exercised to ensure the fair and transparent conduct of the examination, reinforcing the significance of ethical standards in the education sector.

“Only two candidates out of the total 1,406,557 were involved in examination malpractices during the 2023 KCPE examination. One of the candidates was found with unauthorised notes in the examination room while the other candidate was found with a mobile phone in the examination room,” he said

The CS said 8523 candidates got 400 marks and above compared to last year where 9443 candidates got above 400.

He said learners who scored between 300 and 399 represented 24.94 per cent of the total candidature population. This was 352,782 learners while the number was 307,756 candidates in 2022.

Mr Machogu said 658,278 learners scored between 200 and 299 marks.