Malala stays put as DCI officers camp at his home seeking his arrest

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala at the balcony of his house in Kitengela, Kajiado on August 17, 2020.

What you need to know:

  • Mr Malala locked himself in his house and defied calls by DCI officers to come out.
  • He said he knew something was amiss after his security was withdrawn.
  • He added that the officers declined to give him the reasons for his impending arrest.

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has said he will not be intimidated to change his stand on the third generation revenue sharing Bill, even as DCI officers continue camping outside his Kitengela home seeking to arrest him.

Senator Malala, who addressed journalists from the window of his house on Monday, said State machinery is being used to make him bow and change his stand on revenue sharing.

Mr Malala locked himself in his house and defied calls by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers to get out. He said attempts to arrest him without giving a reason were meant to intimidate him.

The senator said over 20 armed officers in five vehicles came to his house at 3am but declined to introduce themselves.

Security withdrawn

He said he knew something was amiss after his security was withdrawn.

He said the officers only identified themselves as having come from the DCI but declined to show any identity, saying they are acting on orders from above.

"No amount of intimidation will make me change my stand on the revenue sharing Bill. Senate must be respected and the same extended to senators. I won't leave my house even if they bomb it. I fear for my life," said the besieged senator.

He added that the officers declined to give him the reasons for his impending arrest.

The senator further said that the officers disconnected electricity and water to his private residence and caused trauma to his family.

Nominated MP Godfrey Otsosi claimed that “deep state” machinery is intimidating independent legislators to force them to toe the government line.

An angry Mr Otsosi termed the action as barbaric and ruthless to a person of Senator Malala’s calibre.

"Let's the government come out and tell Kenyans they are turning the country into a banana republic. Kenyans must reject this dictatorship directed at elected leaders," said Mr Otsosi.

Senator Malala was later Monday afternoon arrested and taken to DCI headquarters along Kiambu Road for questioning.

Revenue sharing formula

Speaking on Sunday evening in Mumias town, Mr Malala asked the State to stop using the police to intimidate senators who are opposed to the third-basis revenue sharing formula.

He is among senators who are opposed to the formula fronted by the Commission on Revenue Allocation that seeks to promote balanced development, encourage counties to raise their own funds and prudently use public resources.

On Friday, Mr Malala’s accounts and those of his Meru counterpart Mithika Linturi were frozen under unclear circumstances but were later reported to have been opened after the senator went to Kenya Revenue Authority’s offices to seek explanations over the issue.

On Sunday evening as he distributed relief food to residents of Mumias, the senator claimed that a group of people were moving around intimidating and pressurising senators to vote in a specific way.

“But I maintain that I will not be intimidated by anybody in any way. Hata mkinitumia polisi, mimi kura yangu kwa Seneti inabaki ile ile (Even if you send police to arrest me, my vote in the Senate remains the same),” said Mr Malala.

The Kakamega senator, who is championing for a win-win formula and a win-win situation for all the counties, asked those behind the intimidation to respect the rule of law and give the legislators their right to make the right decisions.

Funds not well used

He said in the three years he has been in the Senate, he has helped his Kakamega County to get Sh30.9 billion which he felt was not being utilised in the right manner for the benefit of the residents.

“I cannot be part of a scheme that wants to continue grabbing funds from marginalised counties to fill their bellies. We must have equality amongst all Kenyans because there are no people who are special by virtue of their regions,” he said.

He had promised to vote against the formula which he said intends to divide Kenya and entrench marginalisation.