Bridge gap between rich and poor nations, President Ruto urges UN Assembly

William Ruto

President William Ruto addressing the United Nation General Assembly in New York. 

Photo credit: PCS

 New York,

President William Ruto took to the United Nations General Assembly, selling the message of bridging the gap between rich and poor nations by re-looking at the global financing models, and ensuring fair credit deals for all in the finance market.

The President warned world leaders about the widening gap and lack of trust between rich and poor nations, that could exacerbate poverty in developing countries.

“Persistent mistrust between developed and developing countries has complicated and frustrated the multilateralism between the global north versus south, rich versus poor, polluters versus leading to the inevitable result of promises not kept, commitments not actualised, resolutions not honoured, and principles not observed,” President Ruto said while addressing the ongoing 78th United Nations General Assembly in New York. 

“Multilateralism has been failed by the abuse of trust, negligence and impunity,” Dr Ruto said.

He adds: “It is time for multilateralism to reflect the voice of the farmers, represent the hopes of villagers, and pastoralists, defend the rights of fisher folk, express the dreams of traders, respect the wishes of workers and, indeed, protect the welfare of all peoples of the world.

“We need to be united if we are to have any hope of overcoming these intertwined crises,” he said.

Dr Ruto blamed the international community for falling behind in meeting its targets in the face of the most urgent crises both climate action and the implementation of the sustainable development goals, as well as their underlying enabler, peace and security.

“African countries have come to the world, not to ask for charity or hand-outs, but to work with the rest of the global community to give every human being in this world a decent chance of security and prosperity, by taking necessary actions, mobilising adequate resources for investment, confronting security challenges and resolving conflicts, as we also make our contribution to global prosperity,” he said.

“The failure of peace and security systems, inadequate development, and limited climate action, amidst technological advancement and enormous wealth, has left us in a state of paralysis, enduring one of the darkest periods of human existence,” 

He blamed the United Nations Security Council for being dysfunctional, undemocratic, non-inclusive and incapable of delivering meaningful progress in the world as presently constituted.

“The rampant impunity of certain actors on the global scene settles the matter,”  he said. 

He said Kenya will continue being at the forefront of supporting peace-making, conflict prevention, peacekeeping and peace-building across different regions.

"We, the people of Kenya, stand in solidarity with all of humanity, regardless of their location or borders. This is why we extend our empathy and support to the people of the Republic of Haiti, who are experiencing immense suffering due to the bitter legacy of slavery, colonialism, sabotage, and neglect," stated the President.

He blamed the international community for letting down the people of Haiti when they so needed their help while also calling on the United Nations to urgently facilitate the deployment of Multinational Security Support as part of a holistic response to Haiti's challenges.

“Haiti is the ultimate test of international solidarity and collective action. The international community has failed this test so far, and thus let down a people very, very badly. Haiti deserves better from the world. The cry of our brothers and sisters, who were the first people to win their struggle for freedom from colonial tyranny, has reached our ears and touched our hearts,” he said  

He adds: “Inaction is no longer an option. As we mobilise to show up for Ukraine, and countries that have experienced the devastating impact of climate shocks including Libya, Morocco and Hawaii, we must not leave Haiti behind,” he emphasized.

He urged every country including the international communities to commit and show up in the spirit of solidarity to support the people of Haiti to regain their political and socioeconomic by reinforcing the security.

“Kenya is ready to play its part in full, and jointly with a coalition of other nations of goodwill, as a great friend and true sibling of Haiti,” he said 

On Tuesday while officially opening the meeting, United States President Joe Biden commended Kenya and President Ruto for a plan to lead a United Nations-backed security support mission.

Kenya deployed over 1,000 police officers to Haiti to support Caribbean Nations law enforcement to restore stability in their troubled Nations after Haiti’s prime minister, Ariel Henry, requested international support from the UN last year.

“I thank Kenya`s President William Ruto for his willingness to serve as lead nation of UN-backed security mission. I call on the UN security council to authorise the mission now since the people cannot wait any longer,” said President Biden.