Three killed in Wajir AP camp attack

North Eastern PC James ole Serian confers with senior AP officers at the Garissa airstrip before taking off to Gerille, Wajir where three officers were killed after suspected Al-Shabaab raided an AP camp January 11, 2011. ISSA HUSSEIN

Three Administration Police officers were killed after suspected Somalia militia Al-Shabaab raided their camp in Gerille, Wajir.

The local district registrar of persons, District Officer and two APs are among others missing during the Wednesday attack.

Unconfirmed reports put the number of dead at six.

The militants escaped with weapons from the camp's armoury.

The militants invaded Gerille town near the Kenya-Somalia border just before 7pm on Wednesday and bombed the Administration Police camp, according to a security source in Wajir.

North Eastern deputy Provincial Commissioner Wenslas Ongayo said the militants attacked the AP line with hand held grenades before turning on the fleeing offices and residents with machine guns.

He said the number of injured locals could not be ascertained since rescue efforts are ongoing.

“They raided the centre at about 6.45pm as locals thronged the mosque and other centres for evening prayers while the registration officers were distributing IDs,” said Mr Ongayo.