TJRC to publish report in May

From left: TJRC Commissioners Ronald Slye, Ahmed Farah and Gertrude Chawatama at a past function. Photo/FILE

The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) will release its findings on May 3 on the injustices committed to Kenyans by past regimes and individuals.

The chief executive Mr Chavangi Aziz Tom on Monday said that prominent issues affecting the Coast region were land and marginalisation.

He also said that 40 per cent of Kenya’s injustices were on land adding that the issue had borne the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) whose grievances the commission was still addressing.

“We attempted to engage the MRC on three occasions but they declined to agree with us. First, they demanded legal recognition then the release of their leaders and finally the issue of land,” he said.

Mr Tom said the report would be a detailed account of the injustices committed to Kenyans and would set the benchmark for other commissions of inquiry to refer to.

Noting that land had been the subject of great violence in the country, Mr Tom called on Kenyans to remain calm and conduct peaceful elections.

"Kenyans should not fight over land any more. Solutions are coming. We shall give our recommendations with permanent solutions after releasing our report. Please remain peaceful,” he said.