10 Ugandans arrested en route to Middle East

Ten Ugandans were arrested in Uhuru estate, Nairobi county, on Wednesday as part of an operation against violators of immigration laws, fugitives and human traffickers.

In a statement, Director of Immigration Services Alexander Muteshi said a Kenyan had been trafficking them to the Middle East.


The Kenyan will be taken to court after investigations are completed.

Mr Muteshi noted heightened operations against illegal stay, by way of immigration systems that he said are "as strong as ever".

He asked foreign investors to follow procedures while venturing into Kenya.

Earlier today, officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and immigration officials raided a house in South C estate, Nairobi County, and arrested 12 Chinese nationals for allegedly engaging in prostitution.

The immigration department said the 12 were prohibited immigrants, who defied immigration laws and the requirements for working or doing business in Kenya.

They were taken to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for processing and subsequent deportation.