'Undress and jump in bed': Blind 'prophet' raped two sisters 'to cure barrenness'

Jacob Wekesa, blind prophet

Jacob Wekesa, 66, at the Nakuru Law Courts  on Thursday May 18. 

Photo credit: Boniface Mwangi | Nation Media Group

Jacob Wekesa, a self-proclaimed prophet, has found himself in a rather uncomfortable situation after a week-long stay at the home of one of his followers.

The Legion of Mary follower, who claims to be able to diagnose women's reproductive health problems with his spiritual eyes, is now facing sexual offences charges in a Nakuru court.

Although he has denied charges of raping his host's two daughters, the court has found him guilty.

The man of the cloth is fighting to save himself from a possible long-term imprisonment should the court be persuaded by the prosecution's case.

His woes are said to have started on New Year’s Day when he visited the home of one of his followers, Ms Sarah Atieno, in Njoro sub-county to offer prayers.

The woman, who lived with her two adult daughters, welcomed him and agreed to host him for some time. It was during his stay at the house that the 66-year-old allegedly committed the sexual offences against the two women on January 5, 2023.

According to the charge sheet, Mr Wekesa was alleged to have intentionally had sexual intercourse with the two women against their will at Golf Estate in Njoro, a charge he denied.

One of the victims, while testifying before the court, said the man, who was brought to the home by her mother, claimed to be a prophet of the Legion of Mary who was blind.

The witness said that the man was given a room next to theirs in their house.

His spiritual eyes

At 11pm on the day in question, the man called her into his room and told her that he could see through his spiritual eyes that she had a problem.

According to her, the prophet told her that she was barren but that he would cure her.

The woman told the court that she easily fell into the man's trap because she had a swelling on her waist, which she thought could be the cause of the said infertility.

“It was about 11pm when he told me to turn off the light, take off my clothes and jump on the bed so that he could massage the swelling on my waist while reminding me that I might not be able to have a child," the woman said.

Cured in a day

According to the witness, the prophet continued to touch her inappropriately and the next thing she knew, the man was having intercourse with her.

"He pulled me close and, before I knew it, we were having sex. When I tried to scream, he warned me that if I screamed or told anyone, I would see for myself what would happen. He also informed me that I was not the only woman he had done it with," the witness said.

After the incident, the prophet allegedly told her to get dressed and leave the room, assuring her that she would be cured in a day.

But she was surprised when she entered the room to find her sister crying, and when she asked her what the problem was, she told her that the prophet had done the same thing to her.

The two were rushed to hospital, where doctors confirmed they had been sexually assaulted before giving them medication.

The mother said the suspect had visited her home claiming he wanted to pray for the family.

She said she welcomed him and gave him one of the rooms to stay in. But on January 5, her daughters told her that they had been prayed for by the “prophet”, but had misgivings about what had happened to them during the prayer session.

She took them to hospital, only to discover that they had been raped.

On 8 May, after closing the prosecution's case, the court ruled that the suspect had a case to answer and put him on his defence.

In his defence on 15 May, Mr Wekesa denied the charges and claimed that he had been framed.

Mr Wekesa told the court that he went to the home at the invitation of the woman who wanted him to pray for her children.

He claimed to be a servant of the called who had received powers from God to pray and heal people.

"It was not possible for me to commit the offence because the women used to leave in the morning and return late at night," said Mr Wekesa.

Resident Magistrate Edward Oboge has set June 6 as the date for sentencing.